Things That Made Me Happy Today

Wow! The new Knitty patterns make me giddy with excitement.  I really need to finish something before casting on a new project though.  Perhaps completing one of the pairs of socks (shown yesterday) will appease the knitting gods sufficiently so they won’t curse a new project.

My eldest brought home her first project made in wood shop today.  It’s beautiful and she designed the top pattern especially for her youngest sister.  I’m proud of A1’s craftsmanship as well as her generosity to make something for A3.   Because it’s red cedar it smells fabulous and I’ve dropped more than a few hints that moms love these kind of things too.


One of my DH’s co-workers recently caught a large sturgeon.  I assume he caught it on the Columbia River as it’s nearby and contains a large number of sturgeon.  This prehistoric fishstick is bigger than both of his children.


Anyway, he sent a generous portion of the  meat home with my husband tonight.


I’m no stranger to seafood, but this particular fish was unfamiliar. A quick search for recipes on-line didn’t help because most of them required lots of ingredients and/or a long preparation time. Even if both were available the recipes sounded quite heavy. I didn’t want to spoil the freshness of the lovely fish so I opted for the old standby marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, sea-salt and coarsely ground pepper. 


After a brief stint in the oven it came out perfectly fresh, mild and wonderful.  Now I want to go fishing. 


After work today (Wednesday) I attended the school’s Knitting Club.  It was so much fun! Not all of the students who showed up for the first session returned this week and none of those in attendance were boys.   Even so, seeing students excited about learning something not involving electronics or animation is refreshing.  As expected, they have lots of cheap yarn donated by various sources. They do need some more needles though so I’m going to dig some up before next Wednesday.

Finally, my DH took my two younger daughters to a local park. While there A3 decided to roll down a hill instead of coming immediately when called.  After several ignored requests and demands she found herself facing the wrath of dad. She was sentenced to an evening in her room, except for being allowed out for dinner.  While walking down the hall later to put something away this sign was discovered.


In case you can’t see the words it says, “No Dad’s (sic)! And I Mean it!” This makes me happy because usually my name is on the sign. 

And just because I’ve an excessive build up of smart ass  from not posting a proper WTF Wednesday, here is a completely tasteless joke heard today…

Have you heard of the new Nadya Suleman breakfast special at Denny’s? You get 8 eggs, no sausage and the guy in the next booth pays for it.



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7 responses to “Things That Made Me Happy Today

  1. Gillian Fergusson

    That Sturgeon looks really wonderful. I’ve never had it. I love fish and you can’t go wrong with cooking it simply.
    I daren’t go looking for all the lonely single socks that must lurk in hidden places. Spring cleaning might happen soon and unearth some!
    Cheers Gillian

  2. I don’t know which tickled the funny bone more: your reaction to the sign, or the breakfast special. In other words, I’m LMAO and thank you for that!

  3. Sturgeon – YUM!

    Love the joke. Thanks!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Perfectly tasteless and hysterically funny joke. Thank you!! I have never had sturgeon. That was one really big fish! My seafood marinade is lime juice, garlic, a bit of soy sauce and olive oil. Very similar to yours. And, A1 is very very talented and A3 is truly a character!

  5. How out of touch am I that I had to think *hard* for a full minute before I figured out the joke? ;op I can’t wait ’til April 16th. Seriously.

  6. I can’t believe how much press this woman is getting. Sure, she’s had the most babies at once who lived…hopefully that means she’s got her money problem taken care of–press releases, book offers, TV movie rights…
    Thanks for the call–it was great hearing from you again (despite the topic of conversation).
    Miss you!

  7. I read the sign to Number Guy and he laughed very appreciatively. Have I mentioned that he loves to tease Neatnik with the claim that “Dads are mean”?

    The joke: all we could say was day-um!

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