Wednesday Without the WTF

Sorry, but I’m pretty tired and not primed for my usual snarky cynicism associated with Wednesdays.  Several days ago I did adulterate some kitty pictures though. The first shows my dear old Tasha impersonating Keith Richards.


The second is a photoshopped close-up of Bonny, our neurotic sausage with fur.


Apparently that dreaded knitting disease known as the Second Sock Syndrome has discretely found its way into my knitting.  While looking for a specific skein of yarn for a co-worker I stumbled across several loners in my Sock Yarn Tote. Two of these I was completely aware of (one accompanied me to work yesterday), but having four solo foot coverings came as a shock.


Perhaps viewing these as a jump start on the 2009 Christmas Knitting, rather than UFOs will cast them in a positive light.

This afternoon I’ll be staying after school to assist the newly-formed knitting club at the elementary school where I work.  About 20 students showed up last week with only one teacher and the poor lady couldn’t stretch herself thin enough to get to everyone who needed help.  Even after 30+ years at the craft I’m still on intermediate, at best, but I should be able to help with casting on and the basics.

Finally, here is our friendly neighborhood puppy.


Johan is about 8 years old, 185 pounds and is the sweetest pooch I’ve ever met. He doesn’t drool, his owners keep him impeccably groomed and he absolutely adores children.


To put his size in perspective, I’m 5’3 1/2″ and when he stands next to me his head comes up to the bottom of my rib cage.  His hind feet are even longer than my size 8 boats.


The only caveat for those around Johan to be aware of is that he likes to sit on people’s feet and lean against them.  I think he’d be a lap dog if given the chance.  I’ve never heard him bark, but apparently he can let out quite a bellow when bad people come around.  If not for the mole-hill sized piles of excrement and exorbitant food bill he’d be a delightful companion to own.  My kitties  feel otherwise.

Roxy’s plan for “decorating” her neighborhood could be taken to whole new levels with this  immense critter. Which reminds me… since every cat in the neighborhood insists on pooping in our backyard, I’m considering distributing cat food to everyone in our cul-de-sac who owns a feline. Each bag of food would be a different color. That way individual offerings found on my lawn could be identified and returned to their rightful owners.  See there, I did manage to eek out some snark for the day. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Wednesday Without the WTF

  1. Johan might be a good dog to go visit nursing homes or hospitals. What a beauty he is! I just want to hug him.

    I highly approve of your cat-food plan. Go for it!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I LOVE the cover of the Rolling Stone. If you squint, you can see Keith. Really. Johan is as tall as Grover, but weighs 50 pounds more. You still can feel it when they stand on your feet. And, the leaning? That is so big dog. Isn’t it dear? I cannot believe he doesn’t drool. That is just amazing. We are not so fortunate here. Are those cats owned by people or feral? How rude. How about just picking it up in grocery bags and bombing their houses??? Hey, I’m snarky, too;–)

  3. I vote that the socks should be 2009 Christmas knitting, who needs the guilt of UFO’s if they can avoid it. 🙂

  4. LOL on the multi-colored cat foods!

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