WTF Wed. (Abbreviated to Make the Title Shorter)

First up on WTF Wednesday: Classes Not Taught in College, That I Really Need/ Needed to Take…

Self-Absorption 101 –  Participation in this class is limited mostly to females… not to sound sexist ladies, but most men excel in this subject without the need for formal study.  There are days though, when I could have given any of them a run for their testosterone-laden money. For example, Monday morning I spoke with a co-worker regarding a shared concern (student). Only several hours later did my feeble brain register the fact that not only did she have a hair cut, but that she went from brunette to blond. 

Coping With Adult ADD/ADHD – Lately nothing here has been finished, from the mountain of unfolded laundry in the living room to the multiple knitting UFOs tucked away here and there. Several weeks ago a co-worker brought in a bunny that his wife had made so of course I found and printed the pattern with the intent of creating scads of the little fellows.  Said pattern sat on my printer collecting dust until this morning.  These would be a great way to use up left over sock yarn from my… oh look, something sparkly!

 Physics in the Real World- According to academic “experts” none of these scenarios are possible. I can fit two size 8 feet into my 3 inch (guessing) wide mouth at the same time.  A 2 ounce cupcake causes a 2 pound weight gain.  A 60 pound, 4  1/2 foot tall child is capable of covering 3/4 of a queen-sized bed.

WTF Mysteries: One of my most favorite videos of all time features a lovable kitty named Pinky.  Most of you’ve probably seen this, but here it is again for your enjoyment.

Pinky reminds me of my dear, departed kitty, Paisley. I loved Paisley. Paisley loved me.  My husband referred to him as “Satan” and many humans agreed with his assessment. I always believed that he was just misunderstood and that he suffered from early kittenhood trauma. Anyway, I wonder if Pinky ever found a home following his viral video fame. The shelter that housed him doesn’t have a link answering this question, but they must receive inquiries.  If anybody knows what happened to Pinky please let me know.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m pulling double mom shifts this week (my husband isn’t here in the mornings to get the girls ready for school).  Hope nobody was pinched who didn’t want to be yesterday (some of us don’t mind) Cheers!



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2 responses to “WTF Wed. (Abbreviated to Make the Title Shorter)

  1. I’m gonna make bunnies too!!!!

  2. Yeah, Paisley didn’t care for me, either. I guess we’ll never know, but maybe he got some sort of kitty psychosis in his later years…the equivalent of a schitzophrenic-turned-homeless-person. I need a nap. Desperately. Love, K

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