Career Suggestion

Yesterday while at work I made a tongue in cheek quip about unemployment and looking for a new job. At this point a co-worker suggested to me, “There’s a club down in Portland that hires ‘women your age'”.  Hmmm, visions of geriatrics with walkers shuffling their way around brass poles while trying not to trip over sagging pasties left me speechless.  No clever retort came to mind so instead I laughed.  And laughed some more.  Who would frequent this establishment?  After all, at varying points in our lives we  all look better with more clothes on than off.  After that the only people who would find another of us attractive are either  A. needing new glasses or B. look even worse than we do.  In either scenerio chances are that the viewer is older, sometimes significantly so.  That being  said, would a prospective employee have an edge by knowing CPR?  Chances are, the establishment would close early, with peak hours corresponding to school times so daycare costs  for my own children wouldn’t be significant.  Would the cocktails contain prune juice? More importantly, could I knit between performances?



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4 responses to “Career Suggestion

  1. OMG, spewing coffee reading this.

  2. There is just something so very wrong with that.

  3. Oh, honey, knitting would BE the performance!
    “C’mon, drag your walker over this way and I’ll show you how a REAL man skeins his yarn.” [wink]

  4. At our age, we may have less ammunition, but we learn to be a much better shot. It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it that counts.

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