This entire week’s been a trial.  Last night while taking my bath I realized that I’ve not  knitted a durned stitch. Not one.  The reason this matters isn’t due to an overwhelming desire to finish something.  The repetitive motion and tangible product at the end are soothing.  Today I intend on spending my lunch time locked in a deserted classroom with a sock, sweater… heck anything, maybe even a Willie Warmer. Okay, so that might not be an appropriate choice.

My eldest child isn’t “speaking” to me right now. In the pre-teen world that means that she doesn’t hold conversations or reply to my queries, however she’s not above asking where socks, etc. are. The shunning stems from my refusal to let her spend the night at a friend’s house.  Her arguments for going are that she just earned straight A’s for the second tri-mester in a row, she’s been trying not to fight with her sisters, the girl is really nice and she’s 12 years old. My argument against it is that I’ve not met the friend or her family.  She can add the atrocity of my refusal to the laundry list of reasons she’ll need therapy. Of course she’ll have to write the list on paper because she doesn’t have a cell phone to take and store text message notes on … another strike against mom.  We offered to drive her to the home for a “playdate” that didn’t involve spending the night. We offered to let the girl accompany us to the movies (to celebrate A1’s grades). A1 was still miffed, but finally she agreed to extend the offers. The funny thing is, when she called up with these suggestions to the new friend, the answer was, “My parents said they need to meet your family first.”  Score one for the mean moms of the world! That’s a bonus point for the new family right there.

My youngest has a field trip today. Last night the district nurse called to inquire about whether or not A3 had medication and/or would be taking medication for the trip. What?  Apparently the call stemmed from a concern because there was one day this week that she didn’t get her meds. (long involved story regarding HMO Hell).  Now A3 is worried that she’ll get in trouble on the field trip by accidentally breaking something, etc. She stayed up worrying half of the night. If I could have taken the day off and gone with them I would have.  I need to send a note to her teacher. Hopefully the chaperone in A3’s group will be willing to let A3 hold her hand, etc.  This mom gig is kicking my arse.

Hope you all have a great Friday!



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8 responses to “Friday

  1. My kids don’t have cell phones either, and won’t until they can drive (and they’ll contribute to the cost). Three cheers for Mean Old Moms! Good luck to you…hugs!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    The idea that kids need cell phones before they are 16 bothers me a bit. And, good for you! There are many “mean moms” out there, thankfully. You need a break, don’t you? I sure hope you got some knitting done. Have a good weekend.

  3. years ago, when my younger was a just little older than your daughter, he was invited to a party. I asked for particulars. None were forthcoming except “Everybody’s going and NOBODY’s parents need to call first.” My response, “I talk with the parents or you do not go.” He finally got me the number and, apparently, the birthday girl told her Mom nobody needed details or to call. “Everybody can just come.”

    I was the tenth parent to call ahead to be sure of supervision and timing and such, for the birthday barbecue at the beach.

    Yay for mean parents everywhere! 🙂

  4. I had a slightly different take on the “new family” when I read your post. They were happy enough to extend an invitation to A1 to sleep over without meeting you but if you were going to take their kid to a public place (movies), they wanted to meet you first. Double standards, anyone?

    For us, I wouldn’t allow either invitation without first meeting the parents.

  5. oh you’re so mean. (said with heavy sarcasm)

    Fight back – don’t feed her unless she speaks to you. She’ll wear down pretty fast, hehe ;op

    As for the cell phone – hello, pencil and paper? Dobby didn’t get a cell phone until she got a J.O.B. – didn’t get her permit, either ’til she could pay for the insurance jump herself. Call me mean but dammit kids need to realize how hard we work to have these lovely ‘perks’.

  6. MOM

    Kinda reminds me of when my middle daughter being away at college told me that if I would “Just give me a credit card” she wouldn’t have to be calling me for money all the time…..Hmmm?

  7. lilypily

    Yay for you. Stick to your guns. Raising kids (girls in particular I think) isn’t easy, particularly through their teens. Didn’t you know that going grey has nothing to do with age – its raising teens that does it. 🙂 BTW, I think one of your daughters looks a lot like your sister, but I don’t know your girls well enough to know which is which.

    Hang in there. You’re doing a great job. From another mean mum. x
    P.S. My youngest used to complain about my meanness the most and now she’s a mother herself she said she will probably be even tougher when her girls are teens. Funny how their perspective changes when they become parents themselves. 🙂

  8. Can you imagine a parent who WOULDN’T want to meet the family their child was spending the night with? Enjoy the silence. As soon as she wants something new she’ll be dinging at you constantly. Hooray for her good grades even if it doesn’t make the world a safer place. (I got straight A’s. NOW is it safe for me to walk through that field in the dark?)

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