Today We Celebrate

another year with Karens as they take a ride on the birthday express! 


Be forewarned that there is an excessive use of parenthetical phrases (to provide quick, impromptu explanations) throughout this post.

I met the first Karen  way back in 1988 while we were attending  Western Washington University.  Through the  years we’ve changed jobs,  married, had three children each, sprouted gray hairs (mostly because of the afore-mentioned children) and kept in touch despite long distances apart.  Thank heavens for the internet! If you enjoy perusing beautiful quilts, reading about the trials of motherhood cast in a humorous light or just want to say “hey!” then head on over. And  don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday while you’re there.

I’ve known the second celebrated Karen for significantly longer,  as she’s me very own dear old Mum.  I’ve waxed poetic in great length on my blog and even shown pictures taken of her over the years (which I shall endeavor to repost because it’s late and I like these pictures).

 mom1.jpg 1948mom2.jpg 1962
mom3.jpg 1980 mom4.jpg 1994
mom5.jpg 2006  Aunt Kathy, Mom & Uncle Wally

She’s smart, doesn’t suffer fools lightly and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

Birthday presents for everyone (including my sister who celebrated on Sunday) sit forlornly on my dresser.

Hopefully all will be mailed or delivered in person during spring break, which begins on Friday.   Yeah!

Happy Birthday Mom and Karen!



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5 responses to “Today We Celebrate

  1. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Your mom has a worthy daughter in you. Hooray for the Karens!

  2. Thanks Heide! I’m celebrating by staying home with the Preschooler whose school has conferences this week and Cammie, who is a little under the weather. Half her class is out sick, so I don’t think she’s missing much. Our spring break is still a couple weeks away, but I hope I get a chance to see you soon! Hugs!

  3. PS – I love the wedding photo of your Mom. She looks like she was plucked right off the top of a wedding cake!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Birthday to Karen and a special thanks to your Mom for having you. Neat pics!

  5. Hi Heide,

    you were one of the winners of my contest. Please email me so we can work out the details. Congrats!!!


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