That Which is New

Oh boy, oh boy oh boy! I bought an iPod (slightly used) off of ebay last week.  This is the coolest toy ever! Of course my lack of technical know-how means that downloading podcasts, copying c.d.s, etc. takes forever; however, even a self-proclaimed Selective Luddite can be tempted by futuristic wiles. The ability to shut out the world and withdraw into my “Cocoon of Happiness” several times over the past few days snagged me hook, line and sinker. I’ve willingly entered the 21st century… still no cell phone though.


The right sleeve on this top-down sweater is also new. Alas, it shall also be gone soon. Although barely visible in the photograph, there are eyelet bands just below the chest of the body and just above the elbow of the sleeve.


The intention of these bands was that an I-chord would cinch these areas in, allowing the bottom, lace areas to drape loosely.  It sounded good in theory and looked fine on paper, but in reality the effect was ridiculous.  Anyhoo, tomorrow it shall visit the frog pond. After which, the entire project may end up in hibernation, depending on how it behaves.  Another project that has been simmering for several months in WIP timeout seeks Resurrection.


What else is new? Why yarn of course. I bought these delightful stash enhancers from Ruth, who was having a destash sale. 


In addition to the yarn she also included one of her amazing Stitch Saver  keychains.  The last one I had “walked” away from my keys and it’s not been seen since.

Finally in the “That Which is New” category is a streak of seriousness. No more half-arsed diets sabotaged by late night foraging sessions. In addition to avoiding junk food and snacking are daily exercise regimes. Okay, so maybe regimes is too strong a word. But the free workout sessions offered via on-demand have me rocking the house to its foundation for about 30 minutes each day. Yesterday while feebly attempting to keep pace with those perky little hard bodies I glanced over and saw this… 


Our normally loud,  twittery birds sat frozen in mute silence watching me jump around like an idiot. A further turn of my head revealed my middle daughter standing behind me with an equal display of shock and horror etched upon her young face. Sheesh, everybody’s a critic. Today the birds remained silent, but A2 chose to play outside in the rain rather than witness the abomination.  If only I’d known that jumping around while flailing my arms would guarantee quality alone time I’d have been in shape years ago.

Sorry for the lack of WTF Wednesday. Cheers!



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7 responses to “That Which is New

  1. Hooray for you! Exercise is so hard to get into and soo good for you when you do it. Yay. yay, yay!

    Give all the audience a little while, and soon they will be cheering you on as well.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Children are brutal critics. Best she be outside in the rain. Good for you, girl! It’s exhausting, but you feel better and it’s so good for you. I’m sorry about the green sweater. It looks really good from here. I’m also very very impressed that you are the proud owner of an Ipod. Good for you. Cell phones are handy, but non-essential for most. I need it for my Mom, but otherwise? Yuck. Happy WTF Wednesday!

  3. Wow, it takes a lot to shock parakeets like that…

  4. Horray! Speaking of which, I need to do my 30 minutes yet today. My excuse today is that I’m resting my knee one more day before I get back in it. I’m sure the chocolate cake isn’t helping. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the new toy! :o)

  6. Don’t know your personal tastes, but two of my favorite podcasts (free) are This American Life and Classic Tales Podcast!

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