Back Again

This past week seemed to fly by.  Early on the girls and I drove out to the coast and spent some time with my family.  The weather was miserably cold the entire visit.  To the north of us people enjoyed one more snow storm for the season. During one lull in the deluge we drove down to Washaway beach in North Cove. True to its name the coastline there changes dramatically with the tides. On this visit the girls explored a revealed bridge deck. This was once part of a road that led several miles out to the old town/area. I remember going on a Kindergarten field trip to a fire station there in 1972. It’s amazing how fast things change.


Some of the unusual flotsom and jetsom included this eclectic menagerie.


More common sights seen were unearthed trees stripped bare by years of being tossed around by waves.


We stayed less than an hour before the girls, Grandma and I retreated back to the van and took a drive around Tokeland. The Willapa Bay looked quite dreary.


We drove by, but didn’t go into The Tokeland Hotel.  Lunch and hot tea sounded wonderful, but the girls were wet and sandy from their beach excursion. Besides, my mom is much better cook.


In addition to visiting family we also began Easter preparations.  The girls helped decorate inside and out. We couldn’t find our Easter Tree so we “disguised” the Halloween Tree.


A2 and A3 attended a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt yesterday.  They kept taking the eggs out of their bags and dropping them again for the younger kids to find. Everyone had a fabulous time and all of the children ran amok courtesy of blue skies and an abundant sugar high. A1 chose to mow the lawn instead. Her dad taught her how to use the riding lawn mower then he supervised the maiden voyage.  Eventually the novelty of “driving” will wear off and then this priviledge will become a chore, but until then we’re thrilled.

A1 did decorate cookies with her sisters though. The giant eggs turned out really cute.


My Dh drove us down to Portland for a quick trip to Knit/Purl.  I needed to pick up some yarn to finish a project. On the way back we spotted this festive bicycle. I don’t know if it’s just for decoration or if it really works. My Dh told us about a lady who rides her bicycle around Portland while naked. Maybe this is her bike.


Once home with the yarn I finished the baby blanket. It’s made with Rowan All Season’s Cotton in Color #199.  I designed the pattern so the blanket would be reversible and not have lacy holes or bulky cables.  Not that there’s anything wrong with cabled or lacy blankets, but the goal here was to create something washable and utilitarian. This blanket was meant to be used, spit up on, covered with animal hair and have things chucked at it.


Prior to the Portland yarn buying excursion I thoroughly searched my knitting wardrobe in hopes of finding a hidden skein of the Rowan cotton.  There was an alarming amount of unexplainable yarn and forgotten UFOs.  Usually the bottom two bins remain buried and only the top few see any action.  Wadded up among the long-forgotten yarns and UFOs resided this doily.  It was started sometime during the last two decades. It’s now been added to the bottom of my newly-written “Finish” list. 


The “Finish” list is taped prominently on the door of my knitting wardrobe.  The theory is that should I feel like making something I’ll see the list and choose to finish one of those items before casting on something new.  Over the past week  2 items were completed. That being said, I cast on and completed this bunny, who incidentally did not appear anywhere on the “Finish” list.


They’re fast, easy and akin to making origami. Because they can be made out of just about any scrap yarn I don’t feel terribly guilty about sneaking one in here and there.

Another lace edge for the top-down alpaca is underway. So far nothing has looked “right”.


The idea of frogging the entire project has crossed my mind. Especially after viewing the new copy of Creative Knitting.  The patterns in this issue surpassed those of the recent IK, IMO. I’ll probably be shunned by the “In” crowd of knitters for saying that, however it seems that recent issues of IK have been rather lofty, bordering on snooty.  It’s nice to have a mix of pattern levels to choose from without everything being geared towards more experienced knitters.


And now for something completely different… The animals are all in good health… at least for now. Bonny’s fascination with the birdies makes me nervous. Either she’s gained a new found interest in them or else this is her normal behavior and we’re just home to bear witness. Naughty kitty!  She used to be terrified of our chickens.  What a bully.


Tomorrow everyone heads back to work and school. Hopefully we’ll all be able to wake up on time. Cheers!



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9 responses to “Back Again

  1. I like that blanket of yours!

  2. 1. What a delightful beach trip! Wish I could have been there. 2. LOVE the blanket! You could publish that pattern. Excellent choice of color and yarn to showcase the design. Lucky baby! 3. Love the bunny! Is the pattern available? 4. Rock that doily. 5. Nice lace. Luscious alpaca. Poor Bonnie. You show her those flittery bits of fascination, and then you won’t let her play with them. (POOR birds!)

  3. My goodness, you’ve been busy. A1 is doing the lawn? WOW! I love the green alpaca. I have huge issues with top down knitting. I prefer pieces to sew. I’m happier with the results. Bonny is a bad kitty. Adorable, but bad. It’s rather hard to control the natural instincts. Esau thinks she’s a dog. The baby blankie is beautiful. Lovely work. The flower covered bike is terrific. I love it. The cookies look lovely and yummy. As I said, you have been very busy, and even though you think it was dreary weather, the pictures from the ocean are beautiful.

  4. I love the beach when it is cloudy and chilly, that way I have it to myself. I am a beach hog lolol. And I do agree with you about this issue of Creative Knitting, much better than the recent issue of IK.
    The baby blanket is just what a new mother wants, warm, and useful! nice pattern

  5. Lady Godiva on a bike…an interesting thought. Someone broke into my car (again) and stole my purse. Had to replace everything, including my phone. Bugger. The saddest bit was losing about $500 in scrip–grocery money, dining out, Starbucks cards…all of it. Sucks. Happy Monday to you! At least, happier than mine. I’d have some retail therapy, but all I have is a checkbook, and no one takes checks anymore. sigh.

  6. PS – for those reading the comments and wondering, no I don’t leave my purse in my car outside, but I often forget it when the car is locked in the garage. Not so useful if the garage is left open all night, which is what happened. Crime of opportunity, but a felony since it is part of my dwelling. What I don’t understand is why they grabbed the bag of butterscotch roving that was next to it. Weird.

  7. I think it’s great when kids like to do chores around the house because they haven’t yet figured out that it is work.

  8. Gillian

    Just when you think Spring is here you get a really frosty night like we did last night, but the days are better when the skies are clear. Sorry, I’ll get off my Geography Teachers platform. Glad you had some good days. Lots of wonderful pics of the knitting progress too. Great blanket, typical nosey cat and just when I want to go to bed, my little spotted precious has decided that the big outdoors is for her. Tough titties Tigger!!!
    Cheers Gillian

  9. There’s an ‘in’ crowd of knitters? Where? *looks around* ;op

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