WTF Wednesday, Stress Elimination

WTF Finished sweater The top-down olive green alpaca sweater has now been completed and crossed off of the “Finish” list, freeing up knitting time for something different.  The shoulders and bodice came together quickly early on, but  the bottom edging and sleeves never wanted to cooperate. The latter part of this sweater  fought with me and rebelled at every turn, making me want to scream or poke somebody with my size 1 needles.  But the soft yarn and promises of a custom-fitted garment encouraged me to persevere.  What should have been a two-week knit evolved (or is that devolved) into a grueling 8 week marathon of knitting, ripping and re-knitting.  At last I’m completely satisfied with the results. Would anyone like to see a picture?

Ta da!


WTF KAL?  Two weeks ago I copied Cindy and joined a Mystery Shawl KAL.  I picked out some lovely lace yarn that had been marinating in the lace bin since last summer and down loaded clue one.


I couldn’t cast on then but when we returned from spring break I immediately downloaded and printed clue number two. I also perused  pictures to see what they looked like. There is an amazing variety of yarn being used and with two variations of the pattern there are no two identical shawls in the lot.   Of course my hectic schedule (noted in above-mentioned threat to family) means that I’ve still not cast on and it’s time for clue number three.  From the sounds of things though there must be quite a few of us in the same boat.  No worries though because the moderator of the group asked those of us not yet knitting to withdraw from the group because, “This is a knitalong—not a watch along”.  Many people who signed up, but hadn’t progressed very far or started, sent off emails to the moderator pleading their cases and asking to not be kicked out.  So in a follow up email she (the moderator) clarified by saying that technically none of us would be “kicked off”. We were also assured that we could buy the pattern at a later date too when it’s been re-written.  I knit to relax, not to be pressured by someone I’ve never even met.  Usually that priviledge is reserved for those I live with. Obviously I withdrew from the group.  It’s her ball and her ballgame.

WTF Video



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday, Stress Elimination

  1. Lauging my bunns loose! And they sing really well, too!

    The green sweater looks so – versatile! Excellent job!

    What’s wrong with not actually knitting on a knit-along? Oh well.

  2. WTF is up with the poor finished sweater. Looks like it did not behave!!!

    WTF with the KAL? I agree with you, who needs pressure like that.

    WTF with the video?? I think I loved it!!

  3. I loved your video!! Cracked me up. I’m sorry about the sweater, but I am really glad you went ahead and ripped it rather than putting it in a time out. It’s too pretty a color. And, the KAL? I’ve already told you what I think of that clusterf*ck. Happy Wednesday, kiddo!!!!

  4. OMG, that video! At first I thought it was a couple of drag queens. Then I realized they weren’t good enough! What a hoot that was. (I’m going to have nightmares about the red wig, though, and I’m just tellin’ you now, darlin’, it’s all your fault.)

  5. Nothing I knit ever fits, that’s why I stitch; even the one bunny square I made was too big.
    Really enjoyed the Extreme knitting tho, that may suit me better.
    Fed up dog was good too. Thanks.

  6. OMG I love that you posted a picture of the completely ripped sweater as the results and that video! Hilarious!!

    p.s. not sure if you got the notice but your bag is going out today…in fact, the mail lady is picking it up as I type! ;o)

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