Little things

We had a momentous occasion in our home today, which I suppose is pretty small in the overall scheme of the universe.  A2 had her first set of braces removed!


I had to work so her dad took her to the orthordontist appointment.  He took a picture with his cell phone and emailed it to me mid-day (the above photo was taken at home this evening).  Seeing her with her teeth lined up and pretty with room for the rest of her adult teeth almost made me cry. I showed everyone who couldn’t get away from me.  We  know that she will need another set for straightening her adult teeth in a few years, but considering where we started and the drastic measures prevented by doing this first step early on made it worth every penny and hour of missed work/school for the past 18 months.  The biggest reward by far was seeing her smile all through track practice this afternoon.

Another reason to celebrate today was the receipt of this book and yarn from Knitpicks. 


These were purchased with a gift certificate given to me from Eryka at Spare Room Knits for winning a contest.  Thank you Eryka! I’ve been coveting this book since it came out and I can’t wait to cast on some new socks.

Another happy indulgence was getting to take a girly bath. 


These magical little petals look like velvet in the container but they dissolve into scented bubbles. They fascinate me to no end… and I smell good before bed too.   Isn’t life grand!

p.s. my DH bought me a cell phone so I’m now reachable during kidlet activities, etc.  Resistance proved futile in the end. I’ve now been assimilated by the technological collective.



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4 responses to “Little things

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s amazing how something that seems so indulgent, like the cell phone, becomes essential. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. It’s a lifeline to my Mom and I feel more sure when I’m on the road. A2 has a gorgeous smile. That confidence means everything. And, I love your petals. They look so pretty. Can’t wait to see what sock pattern you pick!!!

  2. What a pretty, pretty girl!

    I carry a cell phone and sometimes I even turn it on. It’s useful for letting DH know when I’m headed home so he can get dinner started.

  3. A2 is really starting to look grown up! Wow!! Congrats to her on the naked teeth! I remember how nice it felt to get rid of all that metal.
    The bath looks delightful! Can’t wait to see you guys. What does your post-Easter week look like?

  4. Yay for braces removal!! Congrats! :o)

    I left the house yesterday without my iphone to go grocery shopping and about had an anxiety attack when I realized I didn’t have it – first because, you know, what if I broke down? Nevermind that I drove for 15 years without a cell phone and lived to tell about it and the fact that if I did break down an officer would be by very soon I’m sure, even if only to laugh at me (because I went to HS with most of the police force around here *sigh*) and second because…well, because my grocery list is on it. And my book that I listen to while I’m shopping so weird ppl don’t talk to me AND how would I check my email?!? ;op

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