Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday after work and track practice the girls and I stopped by to visit a friend. While there we met Wilson. Wilson (he will possibly be renamed later) is the newest addition to their farm. He’s the only little lamb among a field full of horses. He looks tiny next to them. He came to live with the family because his feet were injured somehow at his original home and the owners there weren’t able to care for him. He has splotches of paint on his head and if you part the tan woollies his hair is pretty and white underneath. His tail has a rubber band on it for docking and it’s amazingly long. Never having seen a sheep with an intact tail before its length surprised me. When I held him he leaned his head against my shoulder and just left it there contentedly. What a sweet baby.


Saturday morning my DH and I went on a marathon of cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. so we could relax on Sunday without the normal flurry of getting ready for the ensuing week. In the afternoon the girls dyed Easter Eggs.


My DH and I snagged a couple to decorate as well. Can you guess which one is mine?


Saturday evening the girls went to a sock hop at their school. We didn’t stay until it ended at 9:00 though because A3 started acting up.  Her normal bedtime is 8:00 and at around 7:00 each evening she starts getting grumpy.  Last night was no exception to the routine.  After the sock hop and once A3 was in bed I sewed the tails on the bunnies for the girls’ baskets.


Plans of making dozens of these critters were brought to a screeching halt by reality.  While finishing up I looked over and found Bonny enjoying a ride in one of A2’s empty toy bins. Perhaps she was trying out to replace the Easter Bunny. Would that make her the Easter Bonny?


A cold, constant rain means that our egg hunting will be moved indoors for the first time ever.  We’ll also hold it this afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.   Yesterday A3 sadly told me that she now knows that her dad and I really hide the eggs. She also divulged that she knows that we’re really the tooth fairy and worse,  even the Big S (Santa). With that bit of  news out in the open all of the pressure to set the alarm for 4:00, make bunny footprints and strew carrots about while hiding the eggs fizzled away.  So did much of the excitement.  This morning  the girls have already gorged on chocolate and jelly beans. The ham smells delicious and they’re enjoying some t.v. time while it cooks. 

We aren’t expecting company, nor are we traveling to visit family. Last week, sometime after we left my parents’ house, Grandpa Porgy fell down and broke some ribs. Being a stubborn old cuss he didn’t go to the doctor for several days. He finally went and he’ll be okay, but he needs to stay home and rest. He’s 88 but still thinks acts like he’s 20.

In honor of lambs, sheep and shepherds everywhere, here is an amazing video for you to enjoy. Happy Easter!



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5 responses to “Happy Easter Everyone!

  1. Happy Easter my beloved extended family! I hope you enjoy the ham (we’re having the kosher Easter here with some turkey instead!) and relax and get some knitting done! The lamb looked so cute–what breed is he? Will you get some of the wool later? Send my best wishes to Grampa Porgy, and tell him to take it easy! He’s no spring chicken! (I’ll leave it to you to translate that into Finnish.)
    Love ya!

  2. Bonny looks unhappy at being discovered.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    It appears that with Ms. Tasha getting ancient, that Ms. Easter Bonny (snort) is flexing her family matriarch muscles;–) That is a terrific picture of you with the lamb. And, I’m with Karen, can you call dibs on the fleece???? Oh, and I think you added a kid for the egg coloring duty.

  4. Easter Bonny – snort!

  5. Easter Bonny looks like she is trying to be a catnip plant. What a dear girl! Wonder what goes through her cunning little mind when she sits in things like that.

    Sounds like a grand weekend. Getting Wilson’s wool could be a problem. It costs a lot for a shearer to come and set up at your place. Probably too much to make it worthwhile for one little sheep, no mater HOW adorable he is.

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