WTF Wednesday, Obsessed w/ Pets

Tuesday I left work early due to a nasty, oozing head cold.  In spite of the hazy fog I remembered that we were out of wet cat food, my DD#1 needed some items for track and I was down to only one dose of  my M.S. medicine.  Making multiple stops and waiting in check out lines in three different places wasn’t going to happen. So I picked the most important errand and made one quick stop to pick up the cat food.  This really was the most important stop. Missing one little old shot shouldn’t make a difference in my health in the big picture.   A1 wouldn’t explode if she had to run without new socks.  The cats however were not going to let me rest until their hunger had been quelled.  Tasha is part Siamese. This means that even though she’s older than dirt her lungs are still healthy and her yowling can wake the dead. Bonny is quieter, but she’s been known to run laps on top of people or turn them into trampolines  if she wants something and  I really needed sleep.  While at a seldom-visited pet store (usually their food comes from a large grocery store during a weekly visit) and in the afore-mentioned hazy fog this sight left me befuddled.

(Please excuse the terrible picture, it was taken on my cell-phone)  For a minute I thought I’d taken gone to the wrong place. All of the little outfits looked like baby clothes at first glance. These extensive wardrobes aren’t for children, they’re for dogs. There was even a seasonal display full of swim suits for dogs.  Does a Chihuahua really need a bikini with matching sunglasses?  Of course dogs with mange or those who work in extreme weather conditions may need extra protection against the elements. But these clothes were not designed for warmth, or safety. This isn’t a bandana following a bath.  Displays like this remind me that in spite of our country’s economic woes that many people still have more money than sense.  Also, dogs really love their owners to tolerate clothing.

Knowing that very few felines would suffer clothes the pet store merely focused on rows full of essentials, such as cat litter, food and grooming supplies. There were also cat trees, toys and other ways the owners could suck up to their cats, but no clothes.  Still, one token outfit, complete with bandaids for the owner, would have been nice.  Amid the “sucking up” section was this bottle of spray catnip.  This would be a great way to renew the life of toy mousies long forgotten. People really love their cats to work so hard at winning their affection.

But why should the cats have all of the fun?  Just think of the possibilities. If that spray nip were to be mixed with everyday objects…for example, a spouse’s underwear, then everyone could enjoy the herb. 

Sticking to the warped pet theme… my wonderful bag came in from Jessie over at Jessalu’s Etsy shop.  The outside fabric features naughty kitties.

The inside fabric is “Knitting Nightmares”.  I picked out the fabric to honor the “lively” nature of my critters. Please note that this bag is for my personal use. No kitties, birdies, etc. will have to carry it or wear it.

That gal is a genius! The bag is beautifully made.

Lest you think I exaggerate about people having more money than sense when it comes to their pets, here’s a story about a new “dog friendly” car.;_ylt=AsunLV8jk7zKGUi5GVmLSlrtiBIF




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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday, Obsessed w/ Pets

  1. I’ll probably be drummed out of town for this, but I cannot understand the logic of any clothing for animals at all. I feel, if an animal needs extra protection in your climate, it probably means that you should not be having it to live with you there. Humans have a choice, usually, about what they wear, I think animals should not have to wear anything.

  2. Roxie

    Hope you kick that headcold soon. What misery!

    When you put cats in clothes, they lie down and refuse to move. Mine even object to a pretty ribbon. Then they go hack a hairball into your slippers. Dogs are a lot more tolerant of our foibles.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Grover gets a pretty bandana when he has a bath. Of course, when we do, we always forget his collar and have to go back and the bandana lasts about 20 minutes before he rubs it off. I am horrified when I see people with dressed up dogs. And, often, the people aren’t dressed very nicely at all. What does that say about us??? I don’t think anyone is without an opinion on this. And, take care of yourself, kiddo. Being sick sucks.

  4. I can understand putting a light layer on a dog to protect against sunburn (greyhounds and whippits are famous for getting skin cancer for their love of the sun and very short hair), or for horses to keep them warm in winter, or sheep to keep them clean before shearing. But tutus and swimsuits? And you’re right…cats won’t stand for that crap. It just proves who is smarter…

  5. When we adopted Jazz, the family gave us this shopping bag full of ‘outfits’ for her (she was somewhat owned by a 14 year old girl) along with some craptastic chew toys that had seen better days and a horrible leash that I won’t discuss. We dropped it in the first dumpster we saw on our way to Tractor Supply to get her puppy food and a leash/collar that didn’t look like it was picked out by a 14 year old girl on crack. I still wonder if that’s why she’s so happy to live with us – no more doggie tutu’s. ;op

    I am so glad you like your bag!! Yay!! (I’m always nervous about it until I know for sure…) ;o)

  6. I saw the news on the dog car some days ago and haven’t yet stopped shaking my head.

    Or that could be from the combination of tree pollens and dog danders over the weekend.

    One or the other.

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