Finished Knitting!

Lately most afternoons look like this for our family.  A3 is in the field, second from the right,  practicing the discus throw. A2 is in lane number 4 learning proper techniques for baton hand-offs. A1 is at the tennis courts because her track time is over. DH is working.

When not waving at the girls and assuring them that yes,  I’ve seen each and every move they’ve made, in spite of the fact that there are three of them in different locations (yes, I have to stretch the truth sometimes) minute amounts of knitting have been accomplished.

Luckily only the finishing was needed to complete this baby set. The hat was made as a test knit last summer for Kathleen over at Busy Digits. Once the hat was done I set it aside but it screamed out in a cute little voice that it was lonely. So last fall/winter I located some more yarn and made a matching sweater.

The original button band wasn’t working so the sweater simmered in my wardrobe. When it came out I decided that a simple I-Chord edging might work. And this is how it came out.

Once the sweater and hat were done it still needed something more. Luckily during a recent outing my eldest daughter spotted this adorable dress on sale.  The color in this and the last picture is more true than that shown in the above photos.

Here’s the back of the outfit.

But it’s still missing something very important. That’s right, it needs a baby. Since none are to be had in our home, and no more are on the agenda the entire project was admittedly, a bit frivolous. Fortunately a co-worker has just the thing to finish the ensemble. Today this goes to its new home where hopefully it will fit.

Happy Thursday everyone (for Cindy it’s Friday). Cheers!



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7 responses to “Finished Knitting!

  1. Roxie

    You are such a treat! Making a whole baby ensemble with no baby available!

    Hooray for A1,2,and 3! What a GOOD mom you are!

  2. Fabulous! Sorry we didn’t make it down. On top of the awkward scheduling, I’m also feeling a cold coming on. Bleh.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Everyone looks so tiny out on the field of dreams. You are, indeed, a good Mom. I absolutely love the ensemble. I hope you demanded pictures as payment. You should at least see the adorable outfit on the intended recipient. It’s only fair!

  4. Rae

    Very cute. What pattern is that?

  5. Wow, that looks so cool!

  6. Very cute!!

    Yay for outdoor activities! I hope they’re exhausted so you get more quiet time. ;o))

  7. Wooo Hoooo! The sweater looks beautiful. You did such a great job.

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