Mental Checkout

This last weekend an effort was made to concentrate on home and family and forget about work and all of its baggage. Worrying about copying papers, reading lessons, etc. were taboo.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and  most everyone I work with loves their jobs as well.  Even so, the stress levels can be rather intense at times.  And of course every now and then somebody knowingly chooses to be an ass (in this case, making rude comments about one of my children) then blood pressures really rise. So on Friday the girls and I made pizza, watched a movie and just chilled. I even drank a beer.

Saturday morning we organized a work party for spring cleaning. That afternoon we took a trip to Swedish Walmart  to pick up some items for the girls’ rooms. That place was crazy busy. Between the crowds and the industrial warehouse atmosphere the girls and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. We found what we wanted, marked our sheets then worked our way down to the storage area to retrieve the boxes. Finding the right aisle and bin while navigating obstacles garnered my attention and it was several minutes (okay, probably more like 30 seconds) before I realized that my girls weren’t next to me. A quick walk back to the center aisle revealed them standing in the center while staring up at the ceiling and giggling. When I asked them what they were doing A2 answered loudly, “We’re watching the big ass fan!”
I wanted to melt right into the concrete floor. Of course people around us heard her and several gave us/me disapproving looks. Just when I was about to jerk her down one of the side alleys and read her the riot act A1 said, “Look up mom.” Sure enough a huge fan churned overheard.

And they were right, it wasn’t just a huge fan, it was indeed a “Big Ass Fan”. See.


Decorum, deshmorum. I laughed too.
Once we’d escaped the surreal retail giant everyone was hungry so we went to a nearby sushi bar. The girls were delighted with the whole conveyor belt serving method.

I wonder how expensive it would be to install one of these at home.
Our next stop was at a local teaching supply store so I could pick up some “tools” for work.  After that we went home to assemble our new furniture.  A3 understood the directions better than I did so she made quick work of her project without my help.

Of course the resident busy-body had to pitch in her 2 cents throughout the process.

On Sunday we switched beds. This sounds much easier than it was. Because B (my DH) was away and two of my girls are still quite small that meant that the bulk of this job fell on my eldest and me.  Negotiating hallways, closets, etc. with assembled furniture was nigh on impossible. Even partially assembled many of the pieces were too big. Eventually the beds were completely taken apart then rebuilt in their new bedrooms.  This took most of the day, but A1 now has the bunk beds in her room and A3 has the double bed. This makes sense because A1’s best friend spends so much time with us and A3 likes to read to me at nights. Of course we’d no sooner replaced the linens when A3 stated that she wanted her old bed back.  Aaaaah! I didn’t move them back again.

Only the slightest bit of knitting was done in the evenings. I’m making a capelet/small shawl with the blue yarn I bought from Ruth.


Today work resumed.  Thank heavens for the weekend’s mental escape. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Mental Checkout

  1. OMG OMG!!! I worked for Nestle a few years ago on what was called the glass line, we bottled baby formula in glass bottles – ‘nursers’ – anyway it was hotter than a pistol in there and they installed ‘A Big Ass Fan’ needless to say for a bunch of redneck/hillbillies it was right up our ally!! LOL As for the sushi bar, I have never had sushi… is it good?

  2. Roxie

    Love the fan! Those are great girls you have there! How could someone knowingly make a rude comment about them? Idjit! Sick Bonnie on ’em.

    Love the conveyor belt sushi joints. I saw one that ran two Lionell trains pulling lots and lots of flatcars bearing dishes. Too cute.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Good for you. I get sick of self-righteous assholes judging you on your mothering skills by one incident. I would have cracked up myself. And, A2 got away with it because it was a public place. Who says kids are dumb? Love the blue. It’s beautiful. Happy Tuesday, kiddo!

  4. Oh, that was too funny!

    BTW, don’t feel alone with the bed return request: Neatnik still wants an “up in the air bed” but she continues to crawl in with us and almost nightly asks if she can fall asleep in our bed and then us move her when we are ready to go to sleep.

    Could you imagine us trying to transfer her sleeping form up to a loft bed at night?

  5. hah! Big Ass Fan, indeed! ;o)

  6. I love the Big Ass Fan! That’s just awesome! I’m on row 6 of the Eleanora socks. So far, so good. I had to go out and buy a sz. 1 circular needle, though. Love ya!

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