WTF Windsday, Wendsday, Wednseday… whatever

WTF Retail: During a quick trip for bread and milk at a nearby grocery store I spotted the discount carts. There among the dinged packages and Easter Candy was a package of what at first looked like craft foam. However when it was pulled out from under the Peeps it turned out to be a set of these masks.

Ten Plague Masks

They’re children’s masks for Passover.  No disprespect intended for anybody who’s celebrating the old testament, but I find these both funny and slightly disturbing.  My favorites are Lice and Boils, although the dead eyes of the First Born mask run a close second.  Yes, I bought them. They were only one dollar and now we have Halloween covered.

WTF HMOs:  Today I waited for 6 hours for a nurse to call me back to determine if he/she thought I really needed and appointment to see a doctor or if I could be cured via telephone. The call never came. Perhaps they hope patients will just die and not bother them anymore.  Lord help us if we ever switch to socialized medicine. Soilent Green anyone?

WTF Vocabulary/irony:  Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. Sufferers of hippopotomonstse, hipop, hippopotomonstroseqi that disorder will be happy to read this story.;_ylt=AqgK.1LwjtLIjIPL_qhVl6ftiBIF


WTF Video:



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4 responses to “WTF Windsday, Wendsday, Wednseday… whatever

  1. Roxie

    That kid is a trooper!

    The masks are confusing. Are the kids supposed to enjoy being the plagues of Egypt? My ignorance is VAST!

    When dealing with HMOs, you need to learn their magic words. With Kaiser, it’s “Considerable pain,” “High fever,” “Serious anxiety.” You might try the serious (or extreme) anxiety phrase on your HMO. Or the universally magic phrase, better even than “Alakazot!” – “May I speak to your supervisor, please?”

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    My personal fave for very small children is blood. What a find! I’m so jealous;-P As for the spelling bee? How humiliating for the young teenager. Poor baby. And, HMO’s? Honey, be your own best advocate. Call and call and just continue to inundate them with sweetness and phone calls. The squeaky wheel basis is very much alive in health care.

  3. OMG those masks are too funny! Boils! lol

    and yeah, keep calling the HMO. Be nice but pushy in a nice way.

  4. Maybe you could try, “I know you probably hate your job and work for the devil himself, but is there any way you could muster up the courage to get me an answer…please?”
    Poor kid at the spelling bee. At least he spelled the word correctly!
    Good luck with the grass stains!

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