Spring is either really lazy this year or suffering from neurosis. Monday was sunny, warm and beautiful. Tuesday was sunny too, albeit a bit chillier than Monday. Wednesday there wasn’t a piece of blue sky to be had for love nor money. Not only was yesterday cloudy, but the winds dropped the air temperature down into the 40’s.

Yesterday was also the first home track meet of the season. B (my DH) left work early to come and watch. A1 participated in the javelin, shot, discus and 100 meter dash.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to view the field events  up close because rabid parents, especially those with cameras, were confined to the sidelines.  I took one picture of her running but she begged and pleaded not to show anyone.

Whilst the tracksters ran, threw and jumped the audience froze in the shaded bleachers. Our younger daughters and some new friends found ways to entertain themselves and to keep warm though.

The final results would challenge any laundry detergent.

Cindy was just writing about homemade detergent that she makes with Fels Naptha, Borax and washing soda. I may have to  mix some up and give it a shot.

Elsewhere, our flowering cherry tree is now in full bloom and it’s gorgeous! Hopefully the afore-mentioned wind won’t blow the petals off.


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7 responses to “Neurosis

  1. Roxie

    I want a dress like those cherry blossoms. Pink and ruffly and sooo happy!

    Love the kids rolling down the hill. How perfect.

    What a good dad B is!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Beautiful blossoms. Smart kids. I bet they weren’t cold;-P Sent you the formula so maybe you can use it and get the grass stains out. Keep us posted!

  3. Pretty blossoms!! Holy grass stains, Batman! I do not envy you trying to get those out. ;o)

  4. I’ve been thinking about homemade laundry soap making.

    Then the Arm and Hammer perfume-free dye-free stuff was on sale today at the grocery store and I picked up four of them for two bucks each. :o)

  5. Cherry blossoms!! *contented sigh*

    Kids being kids on a hillside!! *giggle grin*

    Cold spring *grrrr*

  6. Gillian

    It’s been “raining” blossom petals here, too, as the wind swirls in and lifts them from the blooms. The weather is so changeable and I have three different coats hanging around, usually not neatly in a cupboard!!
    Cheers Gillian

  7. Karen O

    Ah, the carefree days of not having to do laundry! Good luck with that. Not that you or I are the types to buy expensive clothes from Gymboree (anymore), especially with our rugged, outdoorsy kids! Looks like they had a great time!
    I found some problems with the Insanity Sock pattern, which I will post shortly…at least the first part.
    Hugs, K

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