The Blurr That Was

This week is over. Whoo hoo, it’s Friday!  On Wednesday A1 had a her final home track meet (until district) and it rained. Not only did it rain, but it blew and was extremely cold. Here she is throwing the discus (she forbids me to take pictures of her up close because it’s not cool).


On Thursday for A2’s track meet the weather was sunny and beautiful. The younger kids are a real hoot to watch. One little girl slowed down by the grandstands to wave to all the people in the audience. A good time was had by most, my youngest being the exception. She kept jumping around and running up and down the bleachers. Eventually she fell pretty hard and then blamed me. We took some time out in the van, but luckily she calmed down enough that I could see A2 run in a relay and throw the javelin and discus. Here she is doing the long jump. Her dad took this picture.

One unwitting audience member during Wednesday’s track meet was this little bat. He/she hovered above the girls’ bathroom door trying unsuccessfully to be invisible. Some rotten little junior high school boys were trying to knock it down by throwing stuff at it.  I chased the little buggers off and gave them the stink eye (I’ve got a mean stink eye) whenever they even glanced towards the bat.

Here’s a zoomed in, albeit out of focus, picture of the little critter.

Because of work, activities and keeping up with A3 not a lot of knitting was done. I’d made satisfactory progress on the shawl/cape thingy. I’m not much of a bobble fan, but the pattern I chose contained bobbles. In spite of my misgivings I didn’t think it looked all that bad.  Anyway, I pulled it out during my lunch break at work and a co-worker said, “It looks like you could design for J.C. Penney’s.”  

That comment nagged and annoyed me to no end.  And I swear that every time I looked at it those bobbles got bigger and bigger. Pretty soon I saw nothing but nipples while the words “J.C. Penney’s” echoed through my head. So I frogged it back to the stocking net stitch and set it in time out to quell the voices. 

I had my 6 month review at work and I’m officially off of the initial 6 month hiring probation. Whoo hoo! That means that I’m official… barring budgeting cuts.  I’m merely a para-educator and therefore rank with plankton on the hire and fire food chain.  It would be nice if some of that stimulus money and bail out funding would be sent to schools. Then again, I guess everyone feels the same way about his/her own career field and federal money. Enough. I hate politics. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that this neurotic weather settles down soon.



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9 responses to “The Blurr That Was

  1. Your shawl/cape thingy is beautiful (except for the bobbles. They always make me think of the dingleberries at the back of a sheep) but leaving bobbles off is easy peasy and almost never impairs the look of an object.

    As for the J.C. Penny comment, either the person was trying to make a genuine compliment, or they were a snarky little piss ant. Either way, you can safely ignore it.

    Hooray for your young amazons! And hooray for you, protector of small and helpless creatures!!

  2. I like the shawl – bobbles nupps and all. I understand the need frog- I hate it when my mind fixates on a rude and mindless comment of others. At least frogging it might help to get rid of it.

  3. WTF??? J.C. Penney’s????? What was she thinking???

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    First off. It was a compliment. To her, J. C. Penney is probably nice. Secondly, she’s clueless. She doesn’t knit, crochet, sew, weave, or anything. Why is it that we fixate on the negative(or perceived negative)? I do it, too, but I think your shawl/capelet was lovely. Besides, whatever, F*ck her. And, aren’t you proud of your athletes? Good for them. A3 just feels terribly left out I’ll bet. I’m proud of you for championing the little bat. They are such cool creatures. Missouri has some disease and we’re losing bats at a frightening rate. Happy weekend, dear. I’m a bit windy today, aren’t I?

  5. Just finished my swine flu shopping trip. I didn’t buy out the store, but I stocked up on staples and feel like we could survive a couple weeks without too much trouble. Oh, except milk and bread.
    Off to clean the kitchen and then bake a birthday cake for Kelly! Angel food with whippy stuff and strawberries!

  6. Former discus thrower/shot putter here: go kids, go!

    Congrats on the 6 month review!

  7. Rae

    Try having people tie your first name to J.C. Penney’s, especially when it isn’t even spelled the same!

  8. oy what an idjit. Though I’m going to agree with those saying that she thought she was giving you a complement.

  9. I agree, the schools could use the money more than most. nice knitting baby.. *snicker*

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