Snort, Giggle!

*So much for hand sanitizer at the petting zoo!


Heidi  reminded me that it’s time to start some yeast to rising for bread while I dash off to the store for weekly supplies. Once again it’s raining. Sigh.  At this rate we may not have a garden at all. That durned tree is still laying on its side from last winter’s snows  so I can’t even get in to start tilling.  I’m terrified of chain saws, what with being a klutz and all. Hope you all have a productive and safe Saturday.

*This picture has been around for years and from what I gather, Swine flu is caught from people, not piggies. However with the recent news it seemed appropriate.


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3 responses to “Snort, Giggle!

  1. Oh, that is so gross!

  2. Why do I think it was a dad who took this picture? A mom would drop the camera and snatch the kid away from that germy beast.

    Leave the power tools to the ones with greater upper body strength. Hire a high-school gorilla if need be, but don’t risk you own tender flesh. Chains saws can sense when you fear them.

    Home-made bread? Mmmm- mouth watering so hard it hurts.

  3. Gasp guffaw, giggles galore! Love that photo.

    I’m with you about power tools. It’s the klutz thing.

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