Blame it on the Rain…

Title Disclaimer: Please note that the author claims no responsibility should Milli Vanilli  songs stick in your head and wake you up at two o’clock in the morning.

Saturday the greater Portland area experienced a severe  flash storm.  I’m no stranger to rain, but this was down right freaky. We could actually see the wall of water and hail move towards us like a massive gray wall. The hail on our skylights sounded like being inside a snare drum and we couldn’t even see the neighbor’s house because the rain was so heavy.  Then just as quickly as it arrived, it passed and was gone.  The sky changed from black to blue unnaturally fast. Once the rain stopped the girls and I went outside to survey the aftermath. We didn’t lose any trees, but the wind ravaged our flowering cherry.


Elsewhere on Saturday, I cast on a new shawl. This is the Meandering Vines  pattern and the yarn is from a huge bag of wool and cotton yarn purchased from the Goodwill Store.

Knitting has been a little slower than normal though because sitting makes my stomach hurt. I’ve had some problems lately with my daily shots and site reactions.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m thrilled with modern medicine, but cripes, I wish they’d make a pill.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty low in the self-esteem department due to weight gain, wrinkles, gray hairs, etc. anyway. Having my stomach look and feel like hamburger does nothing to improve the situation. 

Luckily my DH and the girls are very supportive. On Sunday they all encouraged me to accept a lunch invitation from a friend/co-worker.  I met up with her in Vancouver then she took us to one of her favorite restaurants where we enjoyed a waterfront view.

The restaurant is built on a series of docks and it sits directly on the river. I’m not sure if this was the Columbia or the Willamette though because they meet near by.

Sailboats floated back and forth and several patrons even had their dogs with them.

The laid back atmosphere required that I partake of spirits. Seriously, I had to drink a Full Sail Ale or the repercussions would have been… well, just unspeakable. As we were leaving the skies darkened and the rain started. We’d lucked out and escaped the schizophrenic weather.

Afterwards my friend even humored me with a trip to a LYS where, due to the influence of the above beverage,  this might have followed me home.  I’m so weak. But it could have been worse. They had cashmere!

A further attempt to alleviate feelings of despair  included the coloring and highlighting my graying hair.  It’s actually quite a bit lighter than it was before. 



Other than some baking and laundry not much else happened this weekend. 

Rather than feeling rested though and ready for the upcoming week the entire family is pretty wiped out.  Even the cats are more irritable than usual. Perhaps the weather is to blame.  Cheers!



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7 responses to “Blame it on the Rain…

  1. Yeah, bad weather will that. Hope the skies clear soon.

  2. You were on the Columbia. I’ve been there. What a grand time to enjoy the sunshine!

    Gorgeous yarn. Yummy!

    Nice hair color. Pamper, pamper!

    Bummer about the shots. At least you don’t have to sit on those bruises.

    Love the photos “after the storm.”

  3. Holy Crap!! that has GOT to hurt like a rotten bugger… you are thin… as for your hair – ROCKS!! and sure hope you are feeling better soon… 🙂 wuv ya!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    You have no right to be down about your appearance. You’re a beautiful woman. I love your new haircolor (I do it, too, I’m really gray/white). I think it’s the weather. Too much rain will drive you insane. Really. I think that’s scientific. Maybe.

  5. You are beautiful and demented and delightful and adorable and thoughtful and the greatest friend in the world! I wish there were a cure for MS so you wouldn’t have to take meds at all. Love ya and miss ya tons,

  6. Ah, yes. The self esteem effects of weight gain, wrinkles and grey hairs. I too dye my hair, a nice dark auburn, which the furnace guy called orange. Orange! Not. I love your highlights!

    Those shots – yikes! You get to pamper yourself any time!

  7. A new hair color does wonders! Yours looks wonderful. And, dollface, your tummy looks painful and SLIM. Mine is a cottage cheese factory…so no complaints, stringbean! What a beautiful yard, area and the ale looks yummy. Makes me miss the NW.

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