Mind Like a Blender

Yup, that’s me. So many thoughts, not one smidge of organization and mixing up everything.  Last night while helping A1 glue facts about Florence Nightingale onto a presentation board for a project I ate a chocolate Riesen and the durned thing pulled out a filling.  This morning I’ll be visiting the dentist for an impromptu fix. 

Have you seen the classes for Sock Summit ’09?  They all sound interesting, but some of my favorites overlap. Prices may dictate that I only take a couple of one-hour wonders so the scheduling may be a moot point. I hope there’s enough room for everyone.  

Speaking of Sock Summit, Chris over at WoolyBuns (I just love that name) has agreed to take us up on the offer to stay with us for the event!  The social activities and marketplace sound as exciting as the classes.

Darn, a piece of my tooth just came out.  Florence Nightingale would have hated HMOs (yes, they do our dental as  well as medical care). 

A3 came home from school early yesterday with a fever and a headache. She hasn’t snorted or sprouted a curly tail so I doubt it’s swine flu.

Tasha’s inner eyelid is still partially up but the vet says that’s normal.

Vulcans have an inner eyelid too. On Friday my DH and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie.

Today is Cinco de Mayo so we’re having Mexican food. It’s also my niece’s 18th birthday.

In honor of blenders and Cinco de Mayo maybe a blended drink is in order… virgin of course, I don’t drink hard alcohol. I guess that means it’s nothing more than a smoothie. The cold would probably send me through the ceiling once it hit my naked tooth. If sock summit was past then maybe I’d know how to knit a little sock to keep it warm.



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4 responses to “Mind Like a Blender

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I hate when that tooth crap happens. It just sends me into a tizzy because I have to Xanax up to get to the dentist for a cleaning. I’m sending calming (inexpensive fix) thoughts your way, kiddo! The sock summit sounds wonderful.

  2. Gentleness and efficency to your dentist!

    The sock summit conflicts with the Wilamette Writer’s Conference. What to do, what to do?

  3. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the mayhem!

    That tooth thing – ouchie! Been there a few times, usually by eating something like bread. Go figure. Hope yours gets fixed quick and without too much discomfort!

  4. Chris is awesome! You’ll love having her as a houseguest! :o))

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