Trek, Trout & Clover

Last night my DH and I went to see the new Star Trek  movie. The movie was really good and my only negative comment is that Uhura’s character was a bit sappy.  I took some yarn along and cast on a plain sock while we waited for the previews to start.

No, we didn’t bring the communicator or badges, they were only used for the photo. However, there were people there dressed in Star Trek costumes.   I really wanted to take a picture, but I was afraid of making someone angry. The babysitter survived the night unscathed too! 

This morning the girls and I went to several garage sales where this treasure was discovered.  I sure hope the batteries run down soon.  Who ever thought up the idea of a singing trout anyway?


There are 25 school days left in the year!  Normally I refrain from discussing students, but as no names will be given I’m going on a rant.  I’ve worked with student X all year long. Throughout the year student X has been disrespectful, rude and disruptive. This student talks back, lies and physically  hurts other students without remorse. On Thursday X hit me in the face twice while pretending to “raise his arm” to answer a question. The third time  in as many minutes that X’s fist came towards my chin I caught it with my hand and told this student to “Never hit me again.” Of course the student feigned innocence.  Then on Friday X wouldn’t answer or respond to me when I spoke and this student also refused to follow directions.  I walked away and went to work in another classroom. X had adult supervision and was not left alone.  Had I stayed I probably would have screamed.  There is not enough money in the universe to be treated this way, especially by a student that you’re trying to help. The guardians of said child believe that everyone except the child is to blame.  Anyway, I’m hoping to make it through the rest of the school year without  incident. I found these mutated clovers while weeding.  Maybe they’ll bring some luck. 

Do any schools out there still practice corporal punishment?



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6 responses to “Trek, Trout & Clover

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I don’t think so, but I’m all for bringing it back. Big-assed paddles, too!

  2. So what’s WRONG with the kid? Can you reccommend a psychological evaluation or a family intervention or something? Sounds like the whole family is broken.

  3. Where was the teacher through all this?! I have a strict policy of no violence whatsoever from anyone in my classroom – and the teacher should back you up along with the principal. Do you have recourse? Is there a “write up” policy? We have one (even for the kindergartners) where three “pink slips” and you’re suspended the next time something happens. In the end, if you have no recourse, simply ignore the child, stay away…someone will have to deal with the “rioting, rampaging ragamuffin” (that’s from Little Women) as you so wisely did. There are plenty of students who will welcome your help and show their appreciation – spend your efforts on them!
    From your fellow ranter…

  4. I think there are a few schools in Texas…at least, that’s what my ‘rents used to tell me when I started acting up. ;o)

    I’m so sorry you’re being treated with such disrespect from a student. Parents who think their child can do no wrong are doing them no favor.

  5. Want me to send a bunny to thump all over that little wretch? I hope the school is doing something about this. Or do they need bunny thumps, too?

  6. Can the school threaten legal action? Or could you file a complaint with the police department?

    Sounds like harassment and assault to me…

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