WTF Wednesday

WTF News: I knew it!  There are strange things  lurking in the sewers just waiting to attack delicate bits during late night bathroom visits. Even Snopes confirms stories of odd critters residing in our drains. I’ll be turning the light on and checking from now on or else hovering, thank you very much.

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WTF Boxing: During periods of prolonged stress or when extremely fatigued I’ve been known to shout, talk, laugh and even cry while sleeping.  Life’s apparently really hectic because several times this week in the middle of the night I’ve attacked and even started punching my husband. Really, I swear I was asleep! Tuesday night he woke me up in the midst of one of the attacks and I was mortified. In the vaguely memorable dream I was indeed arguing with someone, but it wasn’t my DH. The poor fellow. The medical term for this type of behavior is  parasomnia  and it’s more common in children than in adults. Hopefully dreams involving fitting giant marshmallows into cups of hot chocolate won’t manifest or I may wake up to find an unhappy husband and a missing pillow.

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WTF Vocabulary:Ophidiophobia – the fear of snakes. Kathisophobia – the fear of sitting down. Clinophobia – the fear of going to bed. Agliophobia – the fear of pain.

No knitting pictures to share, still working on plain old socks between track meets and work. Happy Wedsnesday everyone.



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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Since coming home from the hospital, Mom has been muttering in her sleep. Thank goodness there’s a medical term for that, too! I cannot imagine how traumatic (not to say humiliating) it would be to be bitten by a snake or whatever, while sitting on the toilet. Ewwww.

  2. That snake in the toilet story is a story that must – absolutely *must* – stay out of my daughter’s hearing. Yes, severe Ophidiophobia . She turns white, gets shaky, nearly passes out if she sees them in the wild. Fortunately, CT does not have many.

    Your DH has my sympathies. I have been on the receiving end and OUCH!

  3. Roxie

    Is he bruised? Does it count as spousal abuse if you believe you’re hitting someone else? And where are you shoving that marshmallow?

  4. BWAHAHAHAHA! Missing pillow – you slay me! My husband has parasomnia (good to know there’s word for it!). When he’s stressed he leaps out of bed and talks crazy and argues with me when I try to tell him he’s asleep and everything’s OK.

    Maybe you were sleep-punching that horrible X child from the previous post? Sounds like he could use a good smackin’! Or, more likely, his parents need one.

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