Learning Opportunities

In the early mornings I enjoy sharing a quiet cup of coffee with my old lady, Tasha, before everyone else wakes up. She looked so happy while enjoying this sunbeam! She was purring so hard that her wee little body trembled from her ears to her tail.


On Friday a student came in with a large Popeye’s Chicken box for Show and Tell.


Ironically, or perhaps prophetically, the box contained these five little adorable peeps.


Throughout the day I sneaked back into the classroom to pick them up and hold them.

Saturday the weather did an abrupt about face. The sun came out and temperatures soared into the 80s. So after morning chores the girls and I went to our favorite local park to play in the creek.



It’s still early enough in the year that mosquitoes weren’t a problem in the shady areas.


Here is A1 sporting her new summer haircut.


We had several “Learning Opportunities” throughout the day as well. First, nettles are sneaky. With all of the recent rain we’ve had these noxious plants have virtually taken over the paths and the banks along the stream. Many of them were taller than me. Even areas that looked safe often had nettles lurking to brush unsuspecting visitors.


Other Learning Opportunities happened earlier during our house cleaning. A3 took her first turn ever at toilet cleaning, where she learned that paper towels do not agree with plumbing. A1 also learned that when a toilet is overflowing it’s not a good idea to keep flushing the handle. A2 learned that taking folded clean towels out of the linen closet to prevent flooding toilet water from escaping the bathroom is an admirable effort, but moms prefer that unfolded ones, or better yet, used towels from the hamper, are used first. I learned that saying bad words while sopping up overflowing toilet water might make the girls mistakenly think I’m mad at them. I assured them that all of their efforts were much appreciated and that I was merely expressing annoyance at the situation.

Today we’re heading out to the home improvement store to price lumber and other items for upcoming projects. The weather is supposed to remain warm.

Socks are on the knitting agenda. My goal is complete several pairs for co-workers before the end of the school year. Hope you all enjoy a lovely Sunday.



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7 responses to “Learning Opportunities

  1. by the end of *this* year?! I see you function under the same unrealistic optimistic outlook I do…and a secret belief that the knitting fairy will show up to help or that we really can knit in our sleep if we only try hard enough. I was thinking I’d be able to make mitts for all my close buds at work by the end of the school year and alas, I think not.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Bless the girls’ hearts for trying to help. Bless your heart for not coming unglued. The park looks gorgeous and I love A1’s new haircut. What a sweet pic of old Tasha. Have a good Monday, kiddo!

  3. Roxie

    Oh, the old cats just break our hearts, don’t they? The pleasure of one more sunbeam, one more morning with Mom . . . Enjoy what you have while you have it.

    You and the girls are a fearsome foursome. Good teamwork!

    And A1 is a stunner! I can see when she starts dating, Dad’s going to be cleaning his guns, and Mom’s gonna sharpen up her steel knitting needles – just to make a point. hehheh.

  4. I love that Tasha is still enjoying sunbeams. :o)

    A1 is very, very pretty – you’re going to have to watch those boys! hehe

    I love your stream!

    …I’m not saying a word about the potty overflow. Not one word. ;o)

  5. OH is A1 getting grown up!!!! man she is really preteen isnt she! LOL Tasha is to sweet – i love old kitties!

  6. Tasha looks so sweet soaking up sunbeams. Almost as sweet as A1 with that nice new haircut. What beautiful eyes she has!

    Maybe the toilet needs a nettle run through it to straighten it out.

  7. My 5 and 7 year old boys had terrible aiming problems until I took each of them individually and made them clean their entire bathroom. Much better aim after that!

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