Dentist and Yodeling…

but not at the same time.

Yesterday afternoon I finally had some long-overdue dental work done. The appointment was a combination of luxury and torture. We have dental insurance, but it doesn’t cover very much and the co-pays for having crowns, etc. are pretty steep. A fortuitous tax return covered the co-pay, so not having to worry about the cost was quite luxurious. And for 90 minutes I was the center of three people’s attention (myself, the dentist and the assistant). This sounds selfish and narcissistic, however usually work, kids, etc. suck up every bit of time while I cater to everyone else’s needs. The torture side of it? Well, obviously it hurt and today talking will be kept to a minimum because I can’t open my mouth. The sobering sound of that little drill punches right through the effects of a good nitrous high too. When it comes to invasive medical visits going to the dentist is right up there with a visit to the gynecologist.

And now for something completely different… cat yodeling. These are some of the most mellow cats I’ve ever seen.



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6 responses to “Dentist and Yodeling…

  1. RAE

    Crowns are the pits. I had one last week. It might be more pleasurable if you could knit while they have all that crap in your mouth.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that video yesterday morning!

    I’m trying not to think about dental drills, though.

  3. Cat yodeling. That’s just goofy.

  4. PS – hope your dental work feels better soon. The novicane and shots just aren’t enough for me. I have to find a dentist that does full-on sedation, like getting a cat’s teeth cleaned, or I’ll do some yodeling of my own, and the dentist and assistant will need to wear protective gear.

  5. Roxie

    You are so brave! And it’s about time you had a massage or a manicure or something if you think of dental work as a luxury. It’s grand to be the center of attention, but hideous to have to get drilled while it happens.

  6. In 1991, while in Army training, I had to get a filling in a tooth. I took my Walkman and listened to a Monty Python tape. Forever after, if I needed dental care, I always do the same – listening to something funny made it easier!

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