Spinning My Wheels

I’ve been spinning in the evenings lately to try and use up leftover roving before my big order  is ready to come home.  The pile doesn’t seem to be shrinking any though.


The other night amid my stash busting endeavor the urge to do something different struck. It struck hard.  Since I’ve long coveted the sock yarn containing silver my thoughts immediately went to glitz and metallics .  A brain squall (I don’t possess enough intelligence for a storm) led me to  my long-forgotten paper-making supplies.


Yes, craft ADHD is a problem. These are leftovers from when I made some cranberry themed paper for my parents several years ago.


Sorry, I got side tracked. Anyway, what I was looking for was this. I love the color of copper.


It isn’t stringy like Angelina, but because it has rough edges that might stick to the fiber while in its fluffy state I gave it a whirl.


Unfortunately, it didn’t stick enough to stay in during the spinning. 

This evening I’ll work some more on the tan alpaca. Tomorrow A1 is in the District Track Meet for discus (hooray!) so our afternoon and evening will be spent there instead of at home.  I’d planned on trying to weed the strawberries this week.


Really, there are strawberries in there.  Obviously I’m spinning my wheels figuratively as well as literally.  Cheers!



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3 responses to “Spinning My Wheels

  1. “Brain squall” makes me giggle but that not enough intelligence? Snort. So untrue! Have fun with the fiber!

  2. Roxie

    How about sewing thread in a strong contrast color? I want you to have your copper angelina, too! What fun!

    Love the papers! Sooo pretty!

  3. RAE

    I am not alone! I get distracted easily too!

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