Hooray for Friday and a three day weekend! I finally finished a pair of socks that’s been tortuous to knit. Not only did the yarn split terribly, for some reason I kept dropping stitches on the darned thing. Probably because I had too many stitches on too short of a needle (yes, I should have used 5 instead of 4).
A1’s track season ended last night with a 10 school district meet. It didn’t rain for the first time they competed this season. A2 still has one track practice and one more meet to go.
Last night I received an email from Janelle at Fantasy Fibers. She said that the fiber length of my gray fleece was too long to run through her automatic spinner. That means I’ll have even more roving than originally planned. Now I wonder what the sheep that grew the stuff looked like. Darned hippy sheep anyway!
Still no pictures unless I blog on my husband’s laptop. For some unknown reason my p.c. is acting up. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Friday

  1. Happy Friday, Sweetie! Have a terrific 3-day weekend. Hope the weather is nice, too. Always makes things easier.

  2. Roxie

    Wow! Extra long fibers means you can spin extra fine yarn. And if that’s not what you want to do, offer to trade it with other spinners. There are laceweight fans out there wanting to spin cobwebs.

  3. Yeah, what kind of shaggy sheep was that fiber from, anyway? Maybe the farmer/shepherd neglected a year of shearing or something. Weirdness. But, hey, like Roxie said, it’s still got a lot of value one way or another.

  4. Was this from Godith’s sheep? If so, it was a Romney/Leister (spelling??) cross. It had beautiful long-long-staple fibers that she sheared every year. Unfortunately, the sheep were killed by neighborhood dogs. 😦
    I’ve been doing a bunch of cleaning this morning to get ready for visitors. I didn’t realize how dirty some of those corners were and now I’ve got crud in my lungs…cough! hack! spitooey!

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