Memorial Day Weekend

We had grand plans for this Memorial Day weekend… grand plans indeed.  Rather than join the crowds heading to the coast on Friday my DH and I planned out ways to best utilize three days at home.  In addition to the usual weekend tasks we decided to add deep cleaning and yard work to the agenda.  The extra day also meant that we’d get to take the girls someplace fun and maybe watch a movie together.

Saturday morning dawned and with broom in hand I set out to clean. First, I moved the piano. Being a piano it is, of course, quite heavy and therefore seldom moved. Come to think of it, the piano hasn’t budged since its relocation to this house 2 1/2 years ago.  *This is what two years of yuck looks like.


While I trudged away in the house my DH moved toys, picked up sticks, mowed the lawn then went to pick up our weed-eater. Before we realized it Saturday had evaporated, we were exhausted and the girls were whining about being bored.

Sunday my DH finished the weed eating while I did the regular chores (laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, etc.) and helped A1 prepare her speech for her election video. She’s running for ASB Vice President and the mandatory tapes are due on Tuesday.  Nothing like working under pressure.

I set my spinning wheel, Old Blue, up on the back deck in hopes of spinning while enjoying the sunshine.  Unfortunately, other things kept coming up. I did venture to the doorway to take a picture. But the sun set on a lonely and unused wheel. Some time around 10:00 pm I remembered Old Blue was still outside so I went and retrieved him from the dark.


Sunday morning  I woke up early to get a few rows of knitting in. Wayward sunbeams and the promise of breakfast brought Tasha out of her reverie to come and say good morning. 


Miss Bonny watched jealously as Tasha received chin scritches and ear rubs. 


Of course I relocated close to Bonny to dole out equal affection to my other kitty.  She decided to inspect the yarn.  Not much knitting was finished.


Next on the Sunday agenda was video taping the afore-mentioned campaign speech. Once it was taped another 4 hours were spent trying to transfer the data from our antiquated 8mm video cassette camera to a DVD format.  My Dh shouldered the brunt of this task. 

Sunday baking took place on Monday too.  All of my daughters suspiciously asked me what ingredients were used to make the pie.  Last Autumn’s zucchini incident  has left them in fear.  I finally had to pull the apple peelings and cores out of the garbage to prove that real fruit was used.


It didn’t  help my case any that we coincidentally were having baked zucchini with dinner.


Sunday evening the girls lamented our lack of entertainment so we took a brief walk to escape the confines of the house.  Being the optimist I brought a sock along for the trek.  Here she is with Mt. St. Helens (faintly visible in the left side of the sky next to the sock).


I’m starting to panic and worry that finishing 5 pairs of socks before the end of the school year isn’t plausible.  Gift cards to Starbucks may have to suffice.  While on our walk the girls picked me a lovely bouquet of buttercups.


Off to bed now.  It’s hard to keep my eyelids open.

* I hope this won’t dissuade Chris or Jessica from staying here during Sock Summit.



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7 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. chillsider

    The buttercups are gleaming here too, small world.

  2. I hate seeing what is behind/under large appliance sized furniture…

  3. Our weekends were VERY similar. Did LOTS of housework and stuff around the home. And did get to the movies, too. (Finally saw Star Trek.) And kitty time. No baking or little kids, though.
    Your view of the mountains is wonderful!

  4. Roxie

    Lovely kitty pictures! That portrait of Tasha is soo sweet! You guys totally rock when you get down to it.

  5. I love that your kids need tangible proof that you aren’t trying to kill them with zucchini pie, lol

  6. Jessica

    Nope. I don’t scare that easy.

  7. Tasha and Bonny are cuties:)Hugs Darcy

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