School’s Out For the Summer!

Whoo hoo! Over the past couple of weeks our family had lots happening.  Grandpa Porgy fell down again (last time he broke some ribs) and this time he cut his arm and chipped a bone in his neck. Because he’s on blood thinners he bled a lot. He was in the hospital for several days and now he’s in a rehab center in Montesano. We’ve talked with him on the phone but because of work and school we’ve not been able to visit him yet.

A1 and E, her BFF, both had solos in their end of the year choir concert.


A2 and A3 had field day and school barbecues, but I didn’t get to go because I work in a different school and these activities were held during the day.

The big order of wool finished processing  so we picked it up.


In addition to the wall-o-wool I ordered some copper and aluminum fibers from on-line.


I also picked up some cups of cashmere from the fiber processor (which I’ve already mangled)


Bonny loved the bags the wool came home in and we kept them for her to play with for several days.


This is what the wool looked like.  It was drafted into strips about the diameter of a quarter.


The brown wool has pretty long fibers and I’ve had no trouble spinning up some fairly thin singles.


I think that when plied these will make a sock or DK weight yarn, depending if they’re two or three plies. The wool is a little scratchy so I don’t know what I’ll use the finished yarn for.


The white wool has a short staple and I couldn’t card it with the copper without it falling apart so I settled for “sprinkling” some copper on the drafts before spinning.


Because the metal strands weren’t distributed evenly they ended up clumped in the yarn, which ended up extremely bulky because of the short staple. I should be able to produce some more even and finer yarn if I fore go the sparklies altogether.


Work had been a little tense during the past few weeks so we took every opportunity to get away from the house. Here is my DH and A3 releasing some tension.


And A3 again…


I finished three pairs of socks and 8 dishrags for co-workers. Obviously I didn’t get pictures of everything.


A1 wanted a change so we agreed to let her try a little unconventional color on her hair.


Hair color is harmless and long as nothing is getting pierced or tattooed then I’m not going to complain. She stays out of trouble and earned straight A’s this whole school year so if she wants to rebel a little then this temporary  act is preferable to many alternatives.

On Sunday some co-workers and I gathered for an end-of-the year celebration down in Portland. Several people had beer or cocktails, but nobody got drunk or said/did inappropriate things.  It amazes me though to see people in different environments.

The last day of school ended on a sweet note. Here are some of the students reading tributes to the faculty and staff.


This young man teaches second grade and he even sang a goodbye song to his students.


Many of the children didn’t come to school on Monday (snow make-up day) and we were only there for 2 1/2 hours. A collective sigh was issued by students and staff alike when the day finally ended.  This has been an intense school year.

I’m contemplating summer employment. My girls start summer activities next week and until they are done with these there isn’t much point. And after that I still need to find something in the evening so we won’t have day care expenses.  Perhaps a local hotel needs someone to work the desk at nights. Unemployment in our area is pretty high though so I may not even be able to find a job.

Should free-time occur then I have this lovely skein of Misti-Alpaca lace-weight. There are gold and blue undertones that run through this yarn but they don’t show up in the picture.


Not much else happening, we’re just trying to get organized a plan a trip to visit my parents and grandpa. Hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start.



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6 responses to “School’s Out For the Summer!

  1. That is a lot! Happenings and wool. Good for you!

  2. Wow you’ve been busy!

    We let Dobby dye her hair blue when she was a Freshman after getting B’s for a semester. R had told her that if she actually did it, he’d dye his hair blue too. The look on his boss’ face when he showed up at work with blue hair was priceless. ;o)

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Hope Grandpa Porgy is out and home before you get packed. And, my goodness, you have been busy. I love A1’s hair and can A3’s legs get any longer? That is so unfair. You sure have some serious spinning ahead of you. Maybe the brown (which I love) would make a great outside sweater/coat. Maybe Yankee from the latest Mason-Dixon book? Good luck on the job front. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  4. yay! “school’s out for summah! school’s out for evah!”

  5. oh, yea, forgot – I love A1’s hair. I’ve been thinking of adding a streak myself…

  6. Those girls just keep getting bigger and more lovely! Send them my love! Best wishes to Grampa Porgy, too…poor guy! I hope he gets well soon. Love you guys!

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