WTF Wednesday

WTF People I live with: We are only 36 hours into summer vacation and my daughters are whining that they’re bored. Next Monday they start their various sports camps. That’s only 5 days in which they need to entertain themselves. Hello, there’s a pool in the back yard, books on the book shelves and heaven forbid, always laundry to help with. I’m contemplating locking the lot of them outside during the daytime and only allowing them house priviledges to use the bathroom. They can eat outside. Heck, I’d toss them some toilet paper and tell them to do their other business outside too, except our neighbors are kind of uppity.

Speaking of laundry, this morning my DH wandered into the kitchen and asked me to help him find clean underwear. Seriously! Dude, you’re going to be 45 years old on Sunday and I know for a fact that there must be at least one little old pair of skivvies lurking in the mammoth pile of unfolded clothes next to the bed. Besides, you’re in the military, can’t you turn the pair you have on inside out or go commando?

That’s it, I’m visiting Sven today!


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4 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. I say if they complain, make them fold laundry. I bet they only do it once. ;o)

    R asked me about clean pants yesterday. I just pointed to the four baskets of FOLDED laundry on his side of the bed. They’re in there, they just need to be PUT AWAY. dammit.

  2. Hey, I ran out of clean underwear, so I went to Sears and bought more. ‘nuf said.
    And the kids? Yup, gather ALL the clean laundry into a pile in the livingroom, and have a folding marathon. Winner gets to stay up until 11pm. (Or whatever.) Loser has the clean all the bathrooms. (Yeah, my mom didn’t play nice when we were kids.)

  3. I’m loving Dave’s comment!

  4. DH did that to me the other day. “I’m out of clean underwear”. I wrote to him that I needed to show him how the big machines in the pantry worked. They’re really handy! Then I washed a load and hung all his unmentionables on the laundry line for the neighborhood to see.

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