vis·i·ta·tion Pronunciation: \ˌvi-zə-ˈtā-shən\ Function: noun

Date: 14th century 1: an instance of visiting: as a:an official visit (as for inspection) b: wake c: temporary custody of a child granted to a noncustodial parent <visitation rights> 2 a:a special dispensation of divine favor or wrath.

I know that I complained incessantly about work, but there were several co-workers who always brought a smile to my face and tolerated my cynical, and sometimes inappropriate, mutterings.  And truth be told, they let loose with a few verbal daggers that put my snark to shame. I will miss working with them dreadfully.  

Yesterday two of them stopped by  separately for visitations and both of them brought very thoughtful gifts.   The first vistor shops at How perfect is that? Today I’ll be wearing this awesome and appropriate shirt. 


I’m putting the glass in my cabinet of collectibles though because I don’t want my over-the-top daughter, a.k.a. A3, to accidentally break it.  (She has impulse issues and is very “bouncy”).


The bearer of the two afore-mentioned gifts stayed for a surprising duration considering the hectic atmosphere.  Small  motions to gather up possessions for a quick exit didn’t go unnoticed though and I was a complete hag and kept  intentionally dragging out conversations.  When my eldest and one of her friends came in demanding services the co-worker seized the opportunity to escape.  I can’t decide if  1b or 2a from the above definitions  best describe this visit.

The second “Visitation” came later in the day from this wild and crazy woman.


Yup, she’s certifiable. She’s also amazing with children. Even my girls listened to her (they ignore me).  Heck, my DH even ventured out of his man-cave/computer hole to say hello.

Not only is she good with beasts, she’s also extremely talented.  She made me this adorable halter/tank top.


When she sews she doesn’t use patterns, etc., she just makes things up as she goes.  And they turn out! This fits perfectly and if not for looking like crap otherwise I would have taken a picture while wearing it.


My only complaints about it are that 1. she didn’t write down how she made it and 2. it only fits on over my head because my arse is too big. She tried to help remedy the latter issue by taking a walk with me (hence the photograph on the stylin’ bike).  It’ll take a lot more walking and a lot less fork lifting.  Anyway, I tried mightily to convince her to take one of my children home with her (fulfilling definition 1c from the above choices). It was a fruitless effort.

Here’s a random kitty shot taken from our walk (I still want to be a cat lady someday).


In knitting news, an accumulation of worsted weight cotton (this isn’t all of it)


has prompted me to begin making a blanket from the bits and pieces. 


This will be an on going project with no time limit.  The pattern is Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket, but obviously my version will have larger squares and therefore knit up much faster.  Yes, bigger really is better.  


Speaking of which, Sven never made it for a visit/ knitting session yesterday. Sven has large “needles”. That’s an admirable trait in an imaginary friend. Instead I ended up taking four girls to see “Land of the Lost” (their choice, not mine). Unfortunately the theater was too dark to knit so that’s 90 minutes of my life that was a complete waste.   Cheers!



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6 responses to “Visitation

  1. That cat looks just like the one in my Ravatar (and FB profile pic). He’s called Chubby 🙂

    What does the other side of the Pessimist’s Glass say?

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You are a wild woman. I love you! What a great tee and the glass is terrific. Nice friends. The halter is adorable. Is that a neighbor kitty or a new stray? And, I thought Sven was blonde.

  3. Sven’s looks change from visit to visit. Sometimes he’s dark with dreamy brown eyes. But he’s always tall, he always brings chocolate and he always knits.

    The kitty was somebody’s pet we met along the way.

  4. When you say “I’m going to miss working with them” does that mean you quit? Or do you mean just for the next few months?
    Next time we get together, we’ll have to have Sven stop and pick up Sean from Ireland and we’ll have a double date.

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