Father’s Day

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy Father’s Day to my own dear Dad, my Grandpa Porgy and of course, my own three baby daddy!  Not only is it Father’s Day, but it just so happens to also be my DH’s 45th birthday.  Happy birthday Scooter!  Tonight we’ll have a small celebration complete with his favorite Pralines and Cream Ice Cream Cake.


The girls and I already gave him his gifts. In addition to several geeky T-shirts (Star Trek and Star Wars), we presented him with two new reading books, a HUGE basket of classic candy (gummi coke bottles, strips of buttons, Zotts, liquid filled wax sticks, etc.) just for him and a bottle of Mana for his World of Warcraft game. 


Today I’m packing up food and drinks then the girls and I are off to celebrate the Brigade Encampment at Fort Vancouver. We’ll also head over to the Farmer’s Market at Esther Shore park. That way my DH can enjoy an estrogen-free day of slaughtering Alliance guys (he plays one of the hoarde). Gawd, I’m embarrassed to admit even knowing that. Anyway, I hope to pick up lots of fresh, local produce.

Speaking of farming, my back porch container garden is doing splendidly. Here is my zucchini.


The peppers have been producing for several weeks now .


And this week the first little green tomato appeared.


Torrential rains have kept us indoors so not a lot of outside (translation: none) weeding has been done.  I did start some indoor projects though. I’m going to go ahead and finish sanding and painting A2’s door rather than buy a new one. The day before yesterday I removed the old drawer pulls, cleaned the kitchen cabinets, rubbed them down with Howard’s Wood Refinishing and then installed new handles. 


The kitchen still needs lots of updating, but these freshened it up quite a bit.

I’ve been working on the Meandering Vines Shawl.


A few more squares have been finished for the scrappy cotton blanket.


I’ve also started making some fingerless mitts with left over sock yarn.


Unfortunately, nothing is even near completion. All three projects are coming on today’s outing, just in case there’s any free time for knitting. I know that Bonny will miss us terribly while we’re out.


“Don’t let the door hit you in the arse people!”


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  1. oh…um…I’ve been playing WoW for a couple years (or so) now. I’m Alliance and really, really like my Death Knight.

    I think we need to get you playing 😉

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