Kid Day *Updated*

Monday shall henceforth be renamed “Kid Day” at our house.  Not only did we have two extras (we always have at least one) to entertain and feed we also had sports camps from 10:30 am until 4:00 pm.   Cookies never seem to last long in the summer so baking day (Sunday) now happens every other day.


Because not all of the children have scheduled activities at the same time that means lots of impromptu activities and entertainment.  I don’t want them sitting in front of the television having their brains turn to mush, nor do I want whining and fighting to break out.  Yesterday we  ran crafts in cycles. Earlier the girls gathered lots of wildflowers to make bracelets and there were enough flowers to supply several sessions. The flowers are  looking a little withered this morning.


A visitor tried her  hand/foot at spinning on Old Blue, but she soon became discouraged and joined the others in needle felting. All five girls thoroughly enjoyed transforming wool into various shapes. Luckily there weren’t any injuries. Those needles are vicious.  Here is the kitty in progress that my talented daughter (A2) is making.


The needle felting activity proved successful enough that I was able to sneak away and dye some yarn and wool.  This lace weight is actually more of a periwinkle color, but it didn’t photograph well.


The wool roving didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, but maybe it will spin up differently.  The brown wool really resisted taking the overdyes of red and green.


The white wool took the color, but it’s extremely fragile and hard to keep together. Maybe a trip through a drum carder would realign the fibers and make them stronger to spin. No, I don’t have a drum carder, just thinking.


Today I’m staying to watch A3 wrestle. I’ve some safety concerns because of the wide range of ages involved and some of the exercises (extreme neck rolls, etc.) worry me.  An 8 year old girl’s neck is much more delicate than a 14 year old boy’s. She seems to be having a good time, but I don’t want her to overdo it.  Yes, I’m overly protective at times.  It’s my job. I’m good at it.  Happy Tuesday!

*Update: Okay, organized people without copious amounts of extended stress may not get this.  Today on the way home from dropping off the eldest and her friend at Volleyball Camp I realized that I’M HAPPY!  Meaning that I’m not simply going through the motions of work and motherhood while smiling and constantly trying to hide feelings of anxiety and panic.  For months now increasing stress at work combined with  feelings of inadequacy at home for not being the end-all beat-all of mothers have taken their toll.  I scrambled just to remember activities, schedules, keep food in the house and enough clean clothes for my family. Any little road bump in daily plans set me off into fits of tears or maniacal screaming/cussing.  It’s not that I didn’t realize my behavior was teetering on the edge of insanity, I just felt helpless to change circumstances contributing to these feelings.  I’m not even sure at how successful I was at hiding my stress.  When co-workers made comments about being a “bitter old hag” that makes me suspect a certain degree of transparency. The first several days after school ended we all (meaning the girls and I) just decompressed from the past 9 months. Now that some control in life has been re-established I’ve decided that I don’t want to take a summer job. I want to be a mom. I want to go fishing. I want to do something completely wild like cliff diving or racing motorcycles… okay, so maybe nothing that wild, but it’s good to be back.  We may be forced to eat lots more beans as the summer wanes and I don’t have a paycheck coming in. That’s okay, sanity makes it worth eating beans.  Cheers!


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10 responses to “Kid Day *Updated*

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Don’t blame you on the wrestling. The flower bracelets are still very pretty and the kitty is awesome! You are very busy for this being summer “vacation”;-P

  2. That cat looks REALLY cute. can’t wait to see the finished cat.
    As for decompressing, that’s so understandable. I don’t even have kids, and I wouldn’t mind having a few months to just do family things and change the regular pace of life a little. But, hey, there’s a long weekend in October coming up.

  3. Oh, and there’s NOTHING wrong with getting in touch with your inner hag sometimes. How else would we recognize the sweet princess when she returns???
    Now…about that dyeing…

  4. Good decision. My kids are grown up now, but I do sometimes regret not taking more time out to play with them.
    My ma was not in the least maternal, worked 9 -6 and then was Busy.
    I stayed as a teacher – so at least I had the holidays with them, so I was a bit better.
    Daughter is constantly rolling on the floor with her babe, except when she is trying to teach him to swim, and he is the happiest baby i have ever seen. I may be biased however.

  5. Gillian

    Oh Heide! I just wish you could have the same good luck I just had. When I claimed my “old-age-pension” here in England, they awarded me 88pence a week and said that Oz owed me the rest. I kept enquiring, really politely, and after 15 months they worked it out. Not only do I get 78GBP a week but they back-paid me to the age of 60. I’m seriously not working at the Phoenix Centre any more, even though they have phoned me twice this week. I won’t be rich but I’ll be happy and well fed and full of fun things to do!!!!!!
    Please do as much as you can to compete with me!!
    Cheers Gillian

  6. a. I love the quilt.

    b. It’s good to be the mom!

  7. Cmoing back to say that SpecKitty had some great luck dyeing up her fresh-from-the-mill fiber. It looks to be about the same weight as what you have. She went crazy decorating her back yard with it:

  8. I’m so glad you decided to side with sanity and Mom-hood for the summer. We’ll try to make it down whenever you are willing to put up with us. 🙂 We’ll make lots of cookies (as always), drink cider, and let the kids play in the pool.
    Love, K

  9. Sanity is highly over rated, but staying happy staying home? Yay for you! And I’ll be enjoying the blog posts about it all.

  10. I am so glad I was able to be at home with my girlies for a few years anyway. I understand your stress and feelings of being divided. It really shows that your first priority is your family. It’s so worth a little tightening of the belts. I’m so happy for you for realizing what’s best for you, your husband and your children.

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