WTF Wednesday

WTF Cats: I have never met a cat who didn’t jump at the chance to drop a stink pickle into a freshly scooped litter box. My current kitties are no exception.  Lately attempts to scoop the offensive waste immediately after each use to minimize the stench have been thwarted by Tasha. For months now she’s had problems with aim. Instead of  landing all of the “kids in the sandbox”  several turds inevitably end up stuck to the sides of the box or on the floor.  And as if that weren’t enough, this past week she’s been holding reserves for when I’m done. It goes something like this. I hear telltale scratching in the box, gather the garbage can and scooper then wait outside the sunroom until the transaction’s been completed. Then I swoop in, scoop the box, take the garbage to the outside bin (I don’t want that nasty smell under the kitchen sink) and put a fresh garbage bag in the inside can.  Tasha, however, has started waiting until I exit the house with the dirty garbage bag, then she gets back in the box and finishes off-loading.  This morning  I waited just on the other side of the garage door with the can so I could clean up round two without wasting a bag and having to make a second trip all the way outside. When I peeked in to see if she was done I discovered her poised on her hunches while dead eyeing the garage door.  She knew I was there. We had a stand off.  She sat in the box. I stood in the doorway. We stared one another down. I blinked first.  I finally left and went back to housework then rescooped the box later.  The old girl may have won this round, but tomorrow’s another day.


WTF Look-a-likes: I regularly check out Fail Blog  and Look-a-likes (both are part of the I Can Has Cheezburger group). Someone did a great job matching these two photos.

  gollum totally looks like phil spector

WTF Insecure, Sexist Parents: Okay, so today was day two of wrestling for my eight year old daughter.  Today we packed food, entertainment for her sisters and stayed to watch.  This day camp is operated by the Community Center where we live and it was open to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14.  A3 was/is the only girl.  My previous concerns for her safety had nothing to do with the fact that she was wrestling against boys. Another mom, who is wonderful and amazingly intuitive, stayed with them yesterday and gave A3 a ride home.  She was horrified at the positions and angles the kids struggled to achieve in order to stretch.  She was concerned that someone would injure their necks, etc.   Those fears were alleviated when I saw A3 in person.  The girl is like Gumby.  Just for fun I’ve seen her warp herself into knots that a pretzel maker couldn’t imagine. The warm ups were so not an issue.  

Not many of the parents stayed to watch because the practice sessions are three hours long, but several of us lingered along the mats. I was so proud of A3. She stayed focused, worked hard and listened to the coaches. She has ADHA with an emphasis on the H so her normal attention span would rival that of a gnat’s.  In addition to being flexible, she’s fast and never holds still. These factors put her on a fairly even playing field with the boys, many of whom were stronger.

I’ve never watched wrestling before, but it was fun. I cheered for her. I cheered for her opponents. I cheered for every kid out there giving it his (or her) all and having a great time. So I was surprised when one of the other mothers said to me, “The boys are just letting her win because they don’t want to hurt a girl.”  WTF? At this age they’re just kids who still think that members of the opposite sex have cooties.   Here is a very short cell-phone video of her with a partner (not one of the woman’s boys).  Sorry that it’s so blurry. She’s in the orange shirt.

You go girl!

WTF Fiber: Dave Daniels  is wonderful and talented. He loves all things fiber and is genuinely concerned for the well-being of the wool in my household.  True, I’ve committed some terrible atrocities while attempting to spin, dye and knit. He sent a link showing some wonderful pictures of wool similar to mine dyed lovingly by Spacekitty. With these as inspiration I’m going to break this


into smaller bundles and send it through the dyepots one more time. Hopefully I won’t end up with dreadlocks!  If I had one of  these, complete with extra cats, I’d get the yarn spun up in no time flat too!



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7 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Cats are weird. Mine don’t do that, but they do enjoy fresh-turned dirt out in the yard. And that girl looks so fast! Boys at that age, agreed, don’t have that girls-are-feeble mentality yet.

  2. OMG! You tried to dye ALL that at one time??? Oh, honey, we gotta talk about this whole dyeing thing. I’ll be on the next plane out of Boston…

  3. Good for A3. She rocks! As for that pissy Mother? Screw ‘er. There are people like that everywhere. And, Ms. Tasha? She may be old and all, but she’s smart as a whip;-P Your stand off cracked me up!

  4. :: snort :: that’s all I can say.

  5. I agree, that young, they are just kids. She looks fast.

  6. Yay for A3! And Kittehs on wheelz. And Dave doing dye at your house? I’m so there!

  7. Gillian

    I wanna a cat wheel for Tigger but yes, you need more than one to really play on it. After a year of the same “pooh” games with Tigger I got a catflap in the patio door and she lets herself out to use a tray in the small shed. Real cause for celebration.
    Well done A3, I think you’re fantastic.
    Cheers Gillian

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