Quick and Dirty

Okay, so maybe not dirty, but definitely quick.  Yesterday I snagged some smaller portions of the wool and dyed/re-dyed them with much greater success than with the previous attempts. Now I want to spin. Unfortunately, no wheel time today.


One of my latest indulgences is Metromint flavored waters.  I’m partial to the chocolate.


Of course it will never really replace chocolate, but it does tend to make me feel less deprived.  This is also one of the only flavored waters I’ve found that doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. The latter of which wreak havoc with my M.S.  An ongoing addiction to Diet Coke has been mostly controlled in recent years. Having this as a substitute helps tremendously.

Elsewhere, my eldest has been exceptionally supportive of her youngest sister’s wrestling. She’s even volunteered to go in early today to help pass out team shirts.  Lest you mistakenly think her abnormally altruistic  I’d like to present some evidence for your consideration.


Members of the high school wrestling team serve as assistant coaches for the younger kids. For the last few minutes of each day everyone divides up onto teams and plays dodgeball. Thank heavens they always put A3 on the “shirts” side. Yesterday A2 joined the end of the day game (also on the shirts side).  Cheers!


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3 responses to “Quick and Dirty

  1. Yay for successful yarn dyeing.
    And, um, HOW OLD are exhibit 1 & 2?

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Love your dyeing results. Dave was right (as always). Poor Mom and Dad. Poor Daddy. Your lives have changed irrevocably, forever. Happy Thursday girl!

  3. Gee, no idea why A1 would want to get up early to hang around with her younger sister ;o)

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