Monogamy, Cheating and Portland

mo·nog·a·my  Function: noun Etymology: French monogamie, from Late Latin monogamia, from Greek, from monogamos monogamous, from mon- + gamos marriage, from gamein to marry

1archaic : the practice of marrying only once during a lifetime

2: the state or custom of being married to one person at a time

3: the condition or practice of having a single mate during a period of time

I believe all marriages, and long-term relationships between adult people, should be monogamous. Always.  If one partner is unhappy and feels the need to seek companionship elsewhere then he/she needs to either 1. seek counseling or 2. get a divorce. If the significant other has morphed into some unrecognizable monster that’s still no excuse. Chances are, there was never any morphing, just lovesick blindness to that person’s fault. Even so, all parties involved deserve the dignity of ending a marriage before infidelity occurs. *Now that I’ve made this point clear I can continue.

Knitting is not marriage.  I am not a monogamous knitter. I “cheated” on my shawl yesterday. Not only did I cheat, but I fell off of the “Not Buying any New Yarn” wagon in order to do so.   A spineless, cowardly cop out would be to blame Penny or the yarn fumes of the store for my weakness. But the truth is, I loved the petting, squeezing, smelling and other foreplay involved in choosing new yarn partners. These were my choices following yesterday’s trip out.


This is a mostly CASHMERE blend purchased at Knit Knot Studio. Knit Knot is a small shop with a delightfully friendly owner. The only other time I’d been there it was closed.  I fell hard in love/lust with this yarn, but this was the last skein of this colorway and it was already partially knitted into the embryonic scarf seen above. The owner generously pulled if off of the needles, marked it down and sold it to me. The fun bits of random color remind me of dried straw flowers. The remainder of the scarf will be frogged and this will be remade into a cowl for a Christmas present. It’s very squishy.


This Noro Daria is shiny, unique and completely charming. A knitted display clutch made using a single skein prompted me to buy some and start one of my own.  Sitting in road construction on the way home provided a perfect opportunity to wind it into a ball. This little bag will also go into the Christmas gift pile.



The final yarn purchase of yesterday was a skein ofNoro Silk Garden Sock Yarn in color number S292.  I absolutely adore the color gradations in Noro, but I cringe at the roughness of the yarn. Countless people, not just yarn store owners, have assured me that it softens up with washed. I succumbed and hope that it works. I plan to try two at once, toe up so the OCD part of me can make the colors match and still use as much of the yarn as possible.

Penny was delightfully charming as usual. I should have taken pictures of her, but we were so busy talking and walking that it just never happened. Our time was extremely limited because A3’s appointment ran long and Penny needed to pick up her husband in another part of Portland by 2:00.  We met up near Knit Purl.  Because that particular store is easy to find I’ve been there a lot. They were having a 10% off anything lace sale (patterns, yarns, etc.) but I really wanted to check out the afore-mentioned shop. This is a quick shot of a church kitty-corner from Knit Purl. 


While walking down to Knit Knot Studio we passed this store catering to dogs.  It just happened to be next to one of my favorite signs that appear randomly throughout Portland as well.  Wrong or not, the image of the little man flying over the handles of the bicycle always makes me laugh.


While walking we ducked into Powell’s to use the facilities.  Penny needs to come back again when she has more time and spend a day book shopping. This sculpture across from their main entrance always makes me chuckle too.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a representation of an actual object or just abstract art, but to me it looks like a giant camera lens brush. On wheels.


Penny bought some gorgeous yarn, but because some of it is destined for others I shan’t speak of it here.  I loved our brief jaunt through the city though. Portland is a wonderful place to walk in with lots to do (don’t get me started on the driving though). Hopefully we can do it again.

My Dh and the girls returned home shortly after I did. He got to see A3 in action on her final day of Wrestling camp. She’s very disappointed that it’s over and even knowing that tennis starts next week did little to cheer her up.  All three girls worked together to make the Friday pizza. A1,  made a happy pizza (who needed a few more minutes in the oven after this was taken).


A2 was more philosophical and chose to make a sad pizza. Her reasoning was that food should not be happy when it’s about to be eaten.


He was yummy!

*This is even true of imaginary friends. Sven and I only ever knit, talk and eat chocolate.



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3 responses to “Monogamy, Cheating and Portland

  1. My only comment goes to the girls: not enough pepperoni!

  2. Oh, man, I bought yarn yesterday, too. My evil LYS owner had EVERYTHING on 30% off till July 4th and a sweater’s worth of Cascade 220 just HAD to come home with me. And a color theory book.

    On the other hand, I have knit socks with Silk Garden Sock and I love them dearly, although they do not match at all. I did four row stripes from both ends of the skein and it did have to be tweaked somewhat to get enough contrast for a whole sock, but it worked out. Knit on size 2’s.

    I’m going to make my mom some for buying me the yarn at her LYS a couple of weeks ago, but I have two balls of the same colorway so I get some, too, yay!

  3. We just got back from shop hop about an hour ago. I won’t divulge the damage done on the credit card, but it’s going to come out of my earnings on the quilt machine…which means I really need to get crackin’ on it!
    We came very near you, getting as far as Longview on our trip today.
    The “art” in front of Powell’s looks like an aged sperm with a three-legged walker. What were they thinking?? Do you know the name of the piece? (It’s probably something to do with racial injustice or poverty and it just to cranial for me to wrap my puny little brain around.)

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