If You Give A Knitter

new yarn, chances are she will want to immediately cast on with it.


Knitting the project will remind her that she wants to put a zipper in it.   She’ll go through a bag of clothes in the garage that have been waiting to be donated in order to get a zipper.


Which will remind her that she needs to clean the garage. The piles of clothes, etc. will remind her that a family friend is selling her wares at the Recycled Arts Festival in town this weekend so she’ll pack up the family and head down to find the friend.


Once at the RAF she’ll see the statue of George Washington (or some other old guy) holding flowers, which will make her want to visit the rose garden.


While looking at the roses nearby noise will remind her of the arts festival so she’ll resume walking to the vendor’s booths.  Once at the vendor’s booths she’ll be reminded of her own knitting and want to pull it out.


Until she sees a sign that says “Recycled Pets” which makes her (and her girls) go visit the animals, where there is a disturbing number of kitties looking for new homes.   She’ll visit the sad, hot kitties until her DH reminds her that they can’t afford a new pet.

Everyone will now want to go home and visit with their own kitties. While petting the family cats the knitter will see DD#2 playing with the kitty using a piece of yarn. The yarn will make the knitter  remember the newly-knitted bag.


She’ll decide to put lining in the newly-knitted bag


So she’ll go to the garage to pull bins of fabric from the shelves. While pulling out the bins she’ll stumble across quilting projects started 13+ years ago.


She’ll lay out the blocks to see that they look like and notice that one more is needed.


While looking for the missing block the knitter will find fabric left over from when her mother made her a dress when she was in the fifth grade.


Remembering that her mother used to make lots of her clothes will make her want to sew something for her mom so she’ll pull out some fabrics.


Seeing the fabric will remind her that she’s supposed to be finding lining for a newly knitted project. Which will remind the knitter that she has new yarn.


And chances are that if she sees the new yarn she’ll want to start a new knitting project. The End.

We never did find our friend, but I may drive down again today to look. The heat and a tired DH (he had a terrible headache) prevented us from staying too long.  Frankly, I was glad to leave too.  I can’t tolerate heat due to my M.S. and the place reeked of patchouli, was very loud and very crowded; all of which added to the chaotic atmosphere.  It was heartbreaking to see the all of the abandoned cats and my girls were a little upset over that as well.


On another note, I love the little bag (shown holding my ever-present tin of Altoids, a bottle of Advil and my cell-phone). I hope to make more in different shapes and sizes for Christmas presents. Personally, I need a huge bag because I always bring lots of stuff because you never know what you may need. It’s an OCD thing… I’ve made my peace with it.



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5 responses to “If You Give A Knitter

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I love it. You have a monkey brain, too! No wonder we’re such good friends. We completely understand each other;-D I love your little bag, too. And, the kitties? I wish they wouldn’t do that. Maybe, warn you with a sign. It’s hard when you already have two strays and can’t afford another.

  2. I laughed so hard! You are so funny and clever – I love reading your posts. You’re bag looks great. Did you use a pattern?

  3. That sounds like my day…except I rarely get as far as the patchouli fest (they’re more centered in the larger cities, which I try to avoid). Hence, little ever gets done quickly. Or at all…
    Hope your Monday goes well!

  4. Gillian

    I like making a list on the run instead of one before you start.. They are definitely more successful, because you can check it off at the end of the day and you have DONE EVERYTHING.
    Well done!!!
    Cheers Gillian
    ps Lots of peope love kitties and I’m sure they will all go home.

  5. Good story – sorry about the kitties.

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