Childhood and a Birthday.

Thursday, while A1 played tennis in the baking hot sun the other girls and I sneaked away. A2, A3 and I roamed aimlessly. We ate ice cream. A2 rode around town with her head out the window. Finally we stopped to play on a the playground of a deserted school where the two of them were thrilled to discover a dandelion-covered hillside.


The girls delighted in running down the hill full throttle. Up and down, up and down. All the while exclaiming about the “pretty flowers”.


Eventually they ran out of steam.


Although I’ve cultivated a winning crop of dandelions in my yard I profess to not being a fan. When the weeds start getting out of control we know it’s time to mow the lawn again. It annoys me to no end that these things grow relentlessly in our yard, but never dare grace the neighbors’ lawns. However, watching the girls having so much fun made me appreciate them in a whole new way. Who decided that dandelions were weeds anyway?


In the afternoon I responsibly baked bread.


Unfortunately, intentions for making some healthy vegetable soup for a well-rounded meal were sidetracked. Sounds of the girls playing in the pool were just too darned tempting. I traded my apron for a bathing suit (mine has an attached skirt, thank you very much) and joined them.


We splashed, played and generally acted silly. We ate cold cereal with our bread for dinner.

Today we’re heading out to my parents’ house for Dad’s birthday and the Fourth of July. I think my dad is turning 39… I could be wrong, he looks much younger.


Happy birthday Dad!



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4 responses to “Childhood and a Birthday.

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    My yard is the only one that sports “spring beauties” and violets every spring. I love wildflowers. Most so-called weeds are wildflowers. You’re right. The neighbors are wrong. ’nuff said;-D Happy birthday, Heide’s Dad. Here’s to many more!!!

  2. I was told (which may be wrong) that dandelions are not native to this continent–that they were brought over from the “old world” for its beauty and medicinal qualities. Now we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to kill the darn things. Funny, isn’t it?

  3. PS – Happy birthday Dad! Hope it’s a great one!

  4. Have you tried my oatmeal bread yet? I posted the recipe ( and made another loaf last night. Delicious breakfast food!

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