Home Minus One

It took over 5 hours to travel the 115 miles to my parents’ house on Friday because of the nightmarish traffic.  We arrived in time for dinner then we sang Happy Birthday to my dad and ate cake.


My mom had decorated the inside and the outside of the house for the Fourth of July and everything looked really festive.


After dessert we took a tour of the garden and said hello to the newest chickens.

DSCN7588blog  DSCN7589blog  DSCN7590blog  DSCN7594blog

One of my dad’s cousins makes and sells these miniature crab pots. They are adorable and I  want to buy one the next time he’s up visiting.


The morning of the Fourth everyone slept in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading down to Tokeland for the annual Fourth of July Parade.  The skies cleared up just in time and the temperature was a comfortable 72 degrees farenheit (it reached 95 back at our house).


We sit towards the end of the parade route so there’s always lots of time to visit before the entries make their way down to us.  This year’s “Parade Knitting” was a cashmere/merino blend cowl.


The parade wasn’t as big as in past years. Not only were there no bagpipes or marching bands, but sadly, there are fewer and fewer veteran’s each year. This year the car driving local Pearl Harbor Survivors only had one gentleman in it. It’s nice to see that everyone present, even the young children, all stood when the flag went by.

DSCN7612blog DSCN7614blog DSCN7618blog

A variety of “animals” participated. Some were animal wannabes, others were  real animals who wanted to be somewhere else.

DSCN7620blog DSCN7622blog DSCN7623blog

After the parade we ate lunch with my Uncle Wally and Aunt Marlene.  Their house and art studio sit next to a golf course overlooking the Willapa Bay. It’s very peaceful and the view is beautiful.


That evening at my mom and dad’s house my sister and brother-in-law joined us for dinner. The more active attendees played several games of badminton.



Then my parents watched the girls so my DH and I could go have a long visit with Grandpa Porgy. We’d stopped with them to see Grandpa on Friday, but we wanted to visit without having to split our attention with Grandpa and keeping up with the girls.  A recent x-ray showed that a piece of broken bone in Grandpa’s neck is dangerously close to an artery so he’ll have to wear the brace and be extremely limited with his movements for the next three months. Surgery isn’t an option because of  the high risk.

We drove the girls down to the beach after dark to watch the fireworks.  They wanted us to buy fireworks of our own but because I’m not working right now we explained that we would just enjoy other people’s. I told them that while  fireworks are pretty, they are also an extremely dangerous form of short-lived entertainment.  I likened lighting fireworks to “Blowing up your money.”  This came back to bite me in the arse later as we walked by a large group of revelers lighting things off and A3 announced that we were just going to watch them “Blow up their money.”  We didn’t linger there, but chose to keep walking further up the beach.

We came home early this morning and the drive took the normal 2 1/2 hours. A2 stayed behind to play with Grandma and Grandpa and to take some private art lessons.  My mom has been painting quite  a few portraits lately and A2 couldn’t wait to dive in.

DSCN7587blog DSCN7603blog

She’s already called “Just to talk,” this morning so I don’t know if she’ll make it through the whole week. We’re going to play it by ear for deciding the length of the visit.

My sister picked a gallon of the little wild blackberries for us while she was there. They’re in the freezer right now but I plan on baking several pies when she can come down to eat them with us.

This afternoon my DH drove down to central Oregon to visit some friends. The remaining girls and I are just kicked back and recovering from the travel. Hope everyone had a terrific weekend!



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4 responses to “Home Minus One

  1. We spent the day blowing up some money–the biggest and prettiest as a memorial for Rosie.
    We also visited Jean yesterday, which I will blog about shortly. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You make me tired just reading about your weekend.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Praying for Grandpa Porgy… I hope he doesnt let this get his spirits down. He is pretty active right? and for him to have to be inactive must be quiet the stretch for him! Thanks for the comments at my place, I appreciate them – and I am SO glad that you are back into blogging! I missed ya!

  4. So, I shouldn’t be upset that our 5 hour drive turned into a 6½ hour one on Friday afternoon.

    Sorry about G Porgy – poor guy!

    My bet (having been in a bagpipe band and wiht NG still in one) is that the parade committee couldn’t afford the band. Bands have to be paid and they aren’t cheap like a HS marching band (which are normally free). Our band has been approached about lowering rates during this recession and it is hard to do because then the argument in future years is “well, you only charged us $xxx last year, why are you asking for $xxxx this year?”

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