WTF Wednesday!

But wait, first an important word from our sponsor, today is my brother’s 39th birthday. Happy birthday David!


I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have any more recent pictures of him (this one is about 15 years old) but we rarely see one another any more except in passing at my parents.  Just for the record, he may be 6’4″ (or some other unnecessarily high altitude) but I can still whoop his ass!

WTF Lame Decorating: This morning while at the grocery store I happened to catch a glimpse of this hideous offering in the bakery department.  It’s not a cake, but rather a giant cookie.


Be grateful that the camera flash reflecting off of the lid hides much of it. The decorator had tried to create what I believe to be a beach by putting down lumpy brown frosting on one side and then airbrushing blue on the opposite side of the cookie.  The effect was that it looked like sewage seeping into lake. To compensate he/she tossed on a couple of plastic palm trees. Still not satisfied the decorator then lifted a pair of flip flops from a rack in another corner of the store and slapped them on top.  Ta da!   A small part of me is curious to see who, if anyone, buys this.

WTF Fungi: Disclosing that our house is often messy should come as no surprise. There are three kids, 6 pets, one husband and me. That’s a 10 to 1 ratio when it comes to messing vs. cleaning. The other people do occasionally help out when they want something or I nag relentlessly (that’s another post).  It’s not unusual to find food wrappers, crayons, clothes, plates, hair bands, etc. strewn about in out-of-the way places, especially after I’ve nagged relentlessly and they’ve “cleaned up.”  It’s also no big news flash that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  So when I went to water plants the other day and discovered a piece of paper in the pot I  thought nothing of it and reached to pick it up.  Eeew!  It was slimy, alive and definitely NOT paper. They were mushrooms!


About  6 weeks ago I added some new soil to the top of planter. My guess is that the spores came with it.

WTF Awesome!:  When we came home from my parents’ house my mom sent along this orange, Louet S-10 spinning wheel for A3!


Mom had picked it up at a yard sale for $20.00 several years back. It was in pretty rough shape, with stains on the wood, etc. so she started painting it. Working on the farm, etc. prevented her from finishing the job though. The wheel also needed some new hardware to restore it to optimum spinning condition.  After bringing the wheel home I took it apart and ordered the new parts. Unfortunately while trying to remove a stuck-on washer I scratched the beejeezus out of the paint. So now, instead of just finishing the design my mom started the wheel had to be sanded and it’s getting a brand new paint job. A3 can’t wait to spin with me.  Old Blue is happy for the company. Hopefully it will be up and running by next week.

WTF Politics:   Sometimes I do enjoy political websites.


WTF Diet: Thanks guys, I will never be able to eat one of these  now.

kfc popcorn chicken totally looks like a kidney stone

WTF New Math: This past year while working with first and second graders I learned several new ways to do addition and subtraction.  Back in the olden days we carried or borrowed numbers. The newer methods, which include strategies such as, “adding to subtract”, “walk the line”, etc.  all result in the same answers as the traditional methods, however they allow students to visualize and conceptualize math problems in other ways.  The second grade students who learned these different strategies blew me away with their speed and understanding. The same curriculum wasn’t used at my daughter’s school, but because I want her to keep learning over the summer I’ve decided to teach her some of these new methods.  The only problem is that I can’t remember how to do them!  While she reads Nancy Drew today I’m going to try and find some math websites to refresh my aging memory.  My eldest and middle daughter already exceed my abilities when it comes to number manipulation.

p.s. thank you to everyone who sent along their get-well wishes. I’m feeling better today and my DH was able to go to work. I should have some actual knitting pictures to share tomorrow.


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7 responses to “WTF Wednesday!

  1. Those mushrooms are pretty groovy, and the spinning wheels are way too cute

  2. A big howz come – howz come I can never find $20 Louets on this side of the Cascade range??? And I loved the political cartoon!

  3. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one with mushrooms growing in my plants. That’s just a testament to how much rain we’ve had this year in Boston.
    AS for the housework, maybe you need to have ONE more kid: a gay son. The possibilities are endless.

  4. It’s as though Dali designed a cookie…

  5. I love math. is a great way to find answers to complex problems, to find problems to wrestle your mind around and new ways to solve them. I happen to prefer Everyday Math as a curriculum that combines a bit of traditional methods with real life problem solving . You might find some teacher’s books and workbooks (used usually) on Amazon or Ebay.

    Happy Birthday to dear bro! and maybe you should get him the obnoxious cookie 😉

  6. Happy birthday David! It’s a very special day for us, too. 15 years! Woo-hoo!
    That is one ugly cookie. I’ll have to make a pretty oceanic-themed cake, just to show them how to do it right.
    Then I can gorge on the thing.
    I’m hungry. Can you tell? Saving calories for the big dinner tonight. I’m having dessert, dammit!

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