Another Finished Object!

Whoo hoo! At this rate I might actually succeed in meeting Christmas goals. This is A Noble Cowl knitted with one skein of a cashmere, merino blend (no label) and modeled by E (my part time kid, and fourth daughter).




I loved making this. The free pattern is easy to memorize and the yarn was delightful. It was oh so soft and behaved wonderfully, no splitting, knots, etc.

Whatever intestinal virus or bacteria I picked up is still lingering and making outside activities nigh on impossible. The M.S. fatigue is back under control again though. Hooray!

Today my parents drove over and returned A2 from her extended visit. They took A3 back with them. I don’t know how long she’ll last with them as she can be quite challenging. She also is kind of a mama’s girl. I feel like a bad parent for sending my kids away from home because as horrible as this sounds, it’s been nice to not have the bickering to contend with. I used to call it “fighting” but a visitor pointed out to me that since no actual punches, kicks, etc. are thrown that it’s technically arguing/bickering. I can live with that.

I’m midway through a pair of purple, pink and teal socks in Noro Silk Garden Sock. These are destined for a lover of girly colors.

The wheel project is well underway. A3 insisted on pink flowers so I”m trying to incorporate them on in a way that isn’t overpowering or too cutesy.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week.

Happy anniversary to Karen and Kelly!


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6 responses to “Another Finished Object!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    The cowl is gorgeous and you are so not a bad parent. It’s good for your children to be away from you for short periods of time. It’s also good for you. Enjoy it while you got it! I’m sure she will;-D

  2. Very pretty cowl. The colours are lovely

  3. Jessica

    Gorgeous cowl! Hope you kick the bug soon.

  4. Glad the MS management is working again. A friend has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and while I realize that that isn’t in the same class, she’s often very drained and lethargic. A tiny peek into your world.

    Feel better and keep cranking those handknits!

    PS – Tried the oatmeal bread yet? I just had a slice and a bit of cantaloupe for brekkie – yum!

  5. E is looking so beautiful and grown up! She’s so lucky to have bonus parents like you!
    Don’t think of sending the kids away as “bad parenting”; think of it as “Exclusive Grandparent Time”. Cam had her grandparent time earlier this summer, and Em will head over there next month. I totally agree with enjoying the Silence of an Absent Sister! Have a great weekend!

  6. We all need a vacation from the rest of the family. It’s good for you, good for her, good for sisters, good for grandparents. Really, this is a win, win, win situation. When do you get a week on the cranberry farm?

    The cowl is stunning! Bravo!

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