My Two Cents

Before launching into a tirade, here’s an update on Extreme Make Over, Wheel Edition.  Yesterday much of the morning was spent sanding several layers of paint off of the wheel portion of the spinning wheel.  When my mom originally discovered this wheel it was absolutely filthy as it had been hidden away in a barn for many years. She scrubbed it down and painted it a rust color then began a tole/folk painting design. When I received it and accidentally ruined her design I attempted to re-create a tole/folk pattern. Obviously that didn’t work. Nor after spending several days trying my hand at it did I think I’d be able to pull it off.  In the end I decided that the minimalist approach was best. Even if the wood itself wasn’t in the best of conditions I left it visible under a clear varnish. A3 had specifically requested pink flowers, but how to add them without creating something hideous and gaudy remained a problem.  She’s still at grandma’s and hasn’t seen it yet. I hope she likes it.


Against everyone’s best interest here is a closeup. The vines and flowers are supposed to represent (work with me here) cranberry vines and blossoms.


This seemed fitting as my parents are cranberry growers. The “A” is obviously for A3’s initial and it is in cranberry color. I wonder if I can convince her to name the wheel “Hester” from The Scarlet Letter.  Probably not. I’m waiting on one more part and one more instruction sheet before the entire thing can be reassembled and tested.

Now on to the rant.  Noro yarn is well-known and loved for it’s lengthy pieces of colors that gradually blend into other colors, sometimes in unexpected ways.  Years ago I purchased enough Noro Silk Garden to make myself a sweater.


I adored the greens in this yarn, but the abundant knots present in the skeins, the general unevenness of the yarn and the inclusion of vegetable matter left me disenchanted.  For the expense of the yarn, I expected better quality.

Because of this I tend to shun this well-received yarn.  However last month while in a Portland yarn store I succumbed to the seduction of the lovely colors. The purples and pinks were exactly what I had in mind for a pair of socks intended as a surprise for a friend. So I purchased the skein of Silk Garden Sock yarn.


They started out splendidly and knitted up quickly on size one needles. A gold color added to the otherwise bright hues looked out of place so I carefully eschewed it in the first sock.  The recipient is of average size and the 300 meter skein would be plentiful, even with the odd hue removed.

Apparently not. The second sock started out matching the first and all looked promising until I neared the heel of sock number 2. There was no way that the amount of pink showing was going to allow  this to match the first sock.


I started unwinding the two balls I’d previously wound looking for the teal, gray and lavender places. There weren’t any. All that remained were pink and pink areas tinged with the golden rod. The result being that the socks do not match. They were never intended to be modeled down a fashion runway, but I really and truly hope that the oddball coloring won’t make the recipient cringe. Maybe with a pair of high topped shoes nobody will notice.


But I must say that I’m dissappointed once again in the Noro. There were two knots in one skein of the yarn, there was no way remotely possible to make matching socks using one skein and the 300 meters seemed rather scant in my opinion. After making two medium women’s sized socks these two little bits are all that remains.


Bonny loves them though and added some kitty hair and little drool to make them special. Hopefully the sock recipients own kitties won’t be too offended.


My parents are bringing A3 home this afternoon. Unfortunately, I still can’t drive long distances.  It’s raining at my mom and dad’s house too and they can’t work on the farm today so they decided to take advantage of the unplanned day off.

Time to wrap up the socks and some other goodies so their ready for tomorrow’s mail.  Cheers!



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8 responses to “My Two Cents

  1. LOVE THE WHEEL!!! I wish I could spin – but its the sitting still for long that would be the issue for me – then it would be the frustration of not doing it right – then, well you get the idea right? LOL Nice socks too.. 🙂

  2. Whoa, that’s a nice bit of painting. I like a lot. Personally, I like it more than a toile painting. You done good.

  3. I think the wheel is gorgeous.. and I feel the same way about Noro yarns… gorgeous colours, but the quality is not worth the price

  4. About the Noro – that’s just plain crummy. It looks like they tied in a different colorway in the middle of the skein :o|

  5. It’s too bad that your Mom’s painting got ruined, but I love the initial and little cranberry flowers. Hope the weather is cooperating for you down there–it’s cool and cloudy here today. The girls are off at soccer camp! Gotta pick them up in an hour or so.

  6. Very weird about the socks. I think I agree with Trek–I think they tied on another colorway by accident. Heck, I’d write a letter to the company with a photo of the socks. Maybe you could get a free skein of yarn out of it?

  7. I love my Silk Garden socks and plan to make more (I have 3 skeins in the stash) but I did make them in 4 row stripes from either end and they do not match AT ALL. Which makes me happy.

    I’m going to make some for my mom in the fall. Thank goodness she picked the colorway (all blues and greens) and I will not make Dr. Seussy stripes like I did on my own.

  8. I ADORE that the socks don’t match!! They make me smile and smile. I am SO not a matchy, matchy person! In college, when I learned to knit socks, I took pride in not having a matching pair. thank you, thank you,oh a thousand times thank you! What a splendid gift!

    My kitties were fascinated and spent a lot of time sniffing and huffing. Bonny has been admired from afar.

    I love the wheel just sanded and varnished. Less is more. The little cranberry A is PERFECT! You can do everything.

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