Mundane Monday

This morning I finally got around to making  Trek’s Oatmeal Bread


Thank you for the recipe Trek! We’re really enjoying this bread. It features the ease of making a quick bread because it doesn’t require kneading, but it tastes a lot like standard yeast bread. Many quickbreads do not. The texture is very moist and the oatmeal gives it a good flavor. I can’t wait to try it as toast in the morning.

A1 is back at tennis camp this week.  After dropping her off  today (she doesn’t want to us to stay and watch) I came home and watered/surveyed my back deck garden. There are tons of little green tomatoes. These plants seem to grow well in pots. I wouldn’t say that they’re thriving, but then again, they’ve not received the amount of attention I give to my garden in a normal year.


Unfortunately, the zucchini are not faring well. At all. Most of the squash have rotted off. Normally this would happen if the plants don’t receive enough water, but this is not the case. My guess is that the roots for squash plants need to stretch out and spread in order to thrive. Even so, there are a few wee zucchini still clinging to life.


Normally I do not knit for men, the exception being hats. Mostly this is because many men are just as content with cheap Walmart socks as they are with a handmade pair. Last night I threw convention aside and started a large pair of blue socks. My eldest says that none of the males she knows would wear these because they still look too “girly.”  Of course she’s basing this opinion on junior high school fashion. She has blue hair for cripes sake!  I think they’ll be masculine. Don’t you?


Finally, on this dreary Monday I’ve also spent time in the garage sanding and painting A2’s bedroom door.  Originally I took this down because A2 had an annoying habit of slamming her door whenever she was mad. Then we painted her bedroom and changed the trim from brown to white. Since the door was already down it was decided that it should be painted white as well. That was many months ago. It will be so nice to have this space in the garage back and more importantly, to be able to close the door to A3’s messy room when we have company.


An excursion out to locate replacement glass for our front door proved futile so I need to make some phone inquiries. Because our front door is an odd size I don’t want to buy a new door then spend days trying to shim the sucker into place. However, that may end up being our only choice.

My dear friend, Christy, is having major reconstructive surgery tomorrow following  a successful battle with cancer. Christy is full of spunk (or as my mom would say, “Piss and vinegar!”). She also has one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know. I’m sending thoughts and prayers her way and I’m asking you to do the same! Hope you feel better soon Christy!  

Cheers Everyone!



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9 responses to “Mundane Monday

  1. My guy is very macho, and he loves hand-made socks.. he’d wear those ones for sure!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Those socks are plenty masculine. The bread looks scrumptious. The door looks great. Your tomatoes are beautiful. The zucchini is adorable. Exactly when would you be able to find time for a full-time job?

  3. Much healing for Christy. Great job on the door.

    And I am so glad that you liked the bread. It is now my very favorite bread of all time. I love it (so do Number Guy and Neatnik) and it is fast and easy and the oatmeal gives it loads of flavor. Almost hard to believe how healthy it is.

    PS – The socks are not at all girly – they are blue jeans socks.

  4. Congratulations you won the knit witch giveaway on my blog please sent an email titled knit witch giveaway to and send her your full name and address so she can send you your 2 skeins of sock yarn and sock pattern.Hugs Darcy

  5. Congratulations! You won 2nd prize in the Wandering Cat Yarns Contest.
    Please email your address to wanderingcatstudio (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’ll send you prize out to you right away!

  6. Mmmm, just-baked oatmeal bread with home-grown tomato salad is running through my head right now!!!!

  7. Please send Christy my good wishes. Hope she liked the hat! (or someone else did)

  8. Congrats on the win! Wow!! You’re always winning drawings online. I don’t know how you do it. You sure are staying busy this summer. Love the blue jean sock colors! Hugs to all the girls & B.

  9. My man finds hand-knit socks too warm. He is a human heater. I think those socks are perfectly manly.

    And congratulations on all the prizes!

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