WTF Cats & News

WTF Science: Anybody who has ever lived with a cat knows that they manipulate people.  Did somebody really have to conduct a formal study  to prove this? Isn’t this akin to proving that fire is hot or that chocolate is good for you? 


Then again children are manipulative too. I’d rather listen to purring than whining.

WTF News:  This story  of Hadley the cat is both sickening and heartwrenching.  Anybody who could be so cruel to any other living creature is beyond evil.  Poor kitty!

Elsewhere in kitty news, the owners of a Carson City coffee shop are fighting to keep the shop’s cat, Small Cat, in the shop after an anonymous person filed a complaint with the health department.   Was the cat behind the counter rubbing against the barrista while lattes were being made? Did it climb up on a patron and sneeze on his/her biscotti?  Most business cats prefer to sleep or sit away from busy feet and noise.  They usually find a sunny comfortable spot to lounge in and the interested visitors come over to pet them. I can understand that many people don’t like cats, but rather than create such a stink over it, couldn’t that person have gone to Starbuck’s? The cat had lived there for five years.


I hope they win their petition.

WTF Funny: Daily visits to the I Can Has Cheezburger are great ways to start the day off with a chuckle. This picture from last week totally cracked me up.


WTF Geriatrics: Following last year’s run in with raccoon gangs I now check several times each night to make sure that Bonny and Tasha are inside. Locating Tasha isn’t difficult because the poor old thing breaths louder than Darth Vader without his respirator, but Bonny can be quite elusive when she chooses. Sometimes I stand on the back deck calling forever only to have her show up seconds after I’ve given up and closed the door. Of course she then acts offended that she’s been cruely shut outside to languish. Other evenings I can see the reflection from her eyes from underneath the cypress trees that line our backyard. She ignores me until I walk outside to pick her up and then she feigns ignorance of having heard my calls.  Several nights ago as dusk settled I found Tasha (sleeping underneath my husband’s computer desk, where she snored and farted away) quickly then I set out to locate Bonny.  I called and called with no response. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see her curled up on the lawn, ignoring me as usual. Eventually I tired of standing in the doorway calling out like an idiot so I stomped out to pick her highness up. Oops, turns out it wasn’t Bonny, but rather a large mole hill. I went back into the house feeling like a fool only to have those beliefs confirmed when I discovered Bonny sitting mere feet from where I’d been standing and calling her.  Doh!

Here’s the mole hill (taken the next day).


And here’s close semblance of the look she gave me.


By the way, I have some lovely cobweb weight yarn that’s too fine for me to see. Any dye-hard lace knitters out there? It’s free to a good home.

WTF You Tube:  I loved George Carlin! Warning, this video is NOT PG

Non-Cat, Non-WTF:

I received an email from Christy’s daughter regarding her surgery. It went well! Christy is in the ICU and she’ll be there for several days. The doctors said she may be able to go home as soon as Sunday. We’re thinking of you sweetie!

Finally, we have hygrangeas. Lots and lots of hydrangeas. I absolutely adore this shade of blue.





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8 responses to “WTF Cats & News

  1. I love your story about Bonny. EM sleeps so soundly that I can holler and stomp and call her name and if she’s asleep, she’s deaf. Damned cat. I love George Carlin, too. In fact, the night Mom died, my brother, sister-in-law and I watched the last George Carlin special. As always, he was insightful, sardonic and very very funny. I’m sure someone will want the cobweb weight lace yarn, but it won’t be me. My fingers don’t even recognize yarn that light;-P And, I love the hydrangeas. Mine didn’t bloom this year.

  2. Your kitty is gorgeous… my mom has a cat, (Mr. Tibbs) who does similar things. Sometimes he won’t come in and at 3 in the morning will yell at the door demanding she get up and let him in.
    The hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  3. Love the hydrangeas.

    Agree with you on the ignition of cats – and other living things. Disagree on the cat in the coffee shop.

  4. Even as a person with slight cat allergies, I agree with you on the cat . . . if they don’t like it, eat/drink somewhere else, it’s a free country. I would like a try at the cobweb lace (as long as it’s not angora) , if it is still there . . . I am not a dye hard lace knitter, but I do like knitting with small needles.

  5. If I had some 0000 needles, I might try one of those Eleanor of Toledo insanity socks with that lace yarn. Let me think about that….

  6. Oh, as for the cat coffee shop, I’m not sure about that. So many people have the “store mascot”, and honestly, I know people love their pets, but I don’t necessarily need to have the shop’s critters getting their fuzz on me. I don’t understand that level of attachment to animals. Luckily, it IS a free country and there are lots of other options, and if it’s a “no food and animals in the same place” rule, then I guess they can’t have consession stands at the zoo. I knew one quilt shop that had a parrot as a mascot, and later added two small (annoying) white dogs. My friend, KM was highly allergic to parrots and was sad to have to go to a different shop for material. Since there aren’t as many quilt shops as there are coffee shops, it was much more of an inconvenience.

  7. ROTFLMAOSTC George has it pegged.

    Cats are SO stubborn. “I hear you but I’m not going to OBEY you. I’ll come when I feel like it.”

    Oh, I have hydrangea envy! (Not as embarassing as peonies envy.)

    • Roxie’s envy – snort! Your hydrangea blooms are gorgeous! My white and my pink are blooming but my Niko blue said piss off this year. I think she wants to move.

      I wonder if you could save yourself aggravation with the cat calling if you added a tasty tidbit – give them a wee bit of something they love right at the door. They might develop better hearing over time.

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