Randomly We Skip Along

Sadly, summer is passing all too quickly.  It’s all a blur from the time school got out and I’m not even sure what exactly we’ve done.

We’ve finally had some real summer weather lately, with temperatures nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  I brought some cotton yarn with me onto the air mattress and did a little “hooking” in the pool the other day. It was supposed to be the start of a shopping bag, but I didn’t like the shape so I ripped it out. Is it still called frogging if you tear out crocheting?


The very large mansock has turned the corner (a.k.a. heel). This is sized to fit approximately a size 12 man’s foot.  I now remember why I don’t like knitting for men. It takes FOREVER.


I also cast on a Voyager Lace Stole http://www.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=258024 in the small size with some Louet Gems. The pattern is well-written and not terribly difficult, but because there is patterning on the back rows too I really need to focus on my row count.


Elann has some beautiful free patterns. I really want to make one of the Nicole Raglan Cardigans http://www.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=348024 too.

The yard has morphed into an overgrown jungle of weeds and brambles.  We should have a bumper crop of blackberries if we can keep our neighbors from spraying them again. They’re in our yard and we’ve tried to prune them back so there’s about 18 inches of walkway between our side of the fence and where the bushes start, but the neighbors aren’t impressed with our landscaping skills. Not only do they spray into our yard without telling us, but one set of neighbors brought over mole traps.  It’s not that we don’t care, but we don’t have time to do the work ourselves and we can’t afford yard crews like they have.


The potted zucchinis are all dying out. I’ll not grow them this way again.


Boy, this random post is turning into a bitch session about my neighbors. So be it. The same neighbors who’ve sprayed our blackberry bushes also own this kitty.


His name is D.C. When we first moved here we thought he was somewhat neurotic because he followed us around begging for attention, but when someone petted him they sometimes received snarls and hissing for their efforts. Eventually we deduced that his left side hurts,  but he loves being petted on the head. Over the past year D.C.’s long hair has matted to the point that the poor kitty has to take short little steps. He comes over for regular meals and attention.  His owners are not hurting for money. They travel lots, have expensive toys, like an R.V., Ski boat, snowmobiles, etc. They just don’t care.  Last year I tried cutting off some of the mats and my husband went ballistic. He’s afraid the owners will get mad. D.C.’s mats now go to his skin and the cat would require sedation and being shaved.  I’m contemplating leaving an anonymous note on their door with a phone number for a pet groomer.

Since this is a “random” post I’d like to address the recent batch of spam that’s invaded my blog comments. The majority of them center around the benefits of Viagra. Perhaps I’ve written something that caught the Spambot’s attention. Thank heavens it’s all been filtered. I don’t want to freak out my mother.

This afternoon the girls and I may head out for a water source not located in our backyard. The verdict is still out. This is the first day we’ve had to sleep in and lounge for quite some time. Happy Friday!



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6 responses to “Randomly We Skip Along

  1. That’s a cat?! Looks like a guinea pig with a massive cowlick issue.

  2. Poor kitty! Some times people’s behavior is mystifying.

  3. We tried growing the courgettes [zuchinis] up a frame as they were claimed to be climbers rather than spreaders – they weren’t.

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    That is unforgiveable. I think I would do the passive-aggressive thing and call some animal rescue group and tell them about this poor cat. It would be better with a rescue group than those assholes. Your neighbors are completely awful to think they have a right to poison your yard. And, yes, it is ripping if it’s crochet. No less frustrating, but still ripping. Happy Friday, kiddo!

  5. Yep, any time you “rip-it, rip-it, rip-it” I would consider it frogging.

    You might tell your neighbors that the girls are getting all excited about eating your blackberries and ask them to be especially careful about spray drifting into your yard. And invite them over for some berry cobbler when you start to harvest.

    And if your husband gets all freaked about you trimming the cat, why not just ask the neighbor’s permission? “I noticed your cat has a problem with mats in his fur. Would you mind if I trimmed them out for him?” Heck, they may even bless you for adopting the poor old guy.

    Or, they might just be crazy, irrational nuts who don’t want to be neighborly but have more fun being snotty. As the Country song says, “God is great. Beer is good, and people are crazy.”

  6. OH that poooooooor cat!! At this point I would ask the owners if they would mind if we adopted him…. because he is over all the time and the girls just love him!!! you know the kind of bs I am talking about right? The kind where your kids cant live without him etc. they are not going to flinch if you ask, they are gonna be SURE Take em!!! I can feeeeel it….. as for the rest… what a post!!!! LOL any chance of you guys coming out here… you had asked me about Green Bay – we are on the other side of the state…75 miles east of St. Paul Mn…. would LOVE for you to visit!!!

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