Prizes and a Pup

Whoo hoo! Yesterday I got a squishy in the mail from Knit Witch. Inside there were two of the most gorgeous skeins of hand dyed sock yarn ever! Both skeins are Superwash Merino and they’re from the Celestial line of yarns. These colorways are “Star Dust” (the yellows) and “Orion” (the green and yellow mix).    


In addition to these beautiful yarns they also sent me a copy of the new Zodia Sock  pattern!


All of this just for winning a contest. Thank you Brittany!  Her site is amazing. Not only does she offer beautiful fibers, but she has a collection of yarn bowls that are completely drool worthy. If you’ve never been there before then pop on over for a visit, but a word of caution… hide your credit cards if you’re on a yarn diet!

In addition to the squishy we also had an unexpected wiggly.  A lost pup showed up in our yard after hearing my girls playing.  The little guy is absolutely adorable… and wiggly. His tag said that his name is “Ty” and Ty’s owners were not home to answer their telephone.


When it was time for the girls to move to our backyard they took Ty with them so he wouldn’t wander out into the street while we waited to hear back from his owners.


No sooner had he bounced into the back 40 when he noticed Miss Bonny sunbathing on the deck. She arched and hissed, he yapped excitedly and the chase was on. I don’t think he would have done anything, but luckily she runs fast and is a great hider.  About an hour later our doorbell rang. One of our neighbors (from the next block over) was standing there with his own two dogs. It turns out that he is dog-sitting Ty. The pooch had been at his house less than two hours before finding a gap in the back yard fence and making his escape. Should Ty find his way back over we know where to return him now.  From the name on his tag we think the owner may be one of A1’s teachers. Anyway, the pooch was adorable and active. The girls enjoyed playing with him but all of that energy concentrated in one place made me tired.  Bonny emerged from her safe spot many hours later.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  We have some family plans for today. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Prizes and a Pup

  1. Cute puppy! Enjoy the weekend

  2. Yarn surprise good. Puppy surprise: not so much so.

    The yarn IS gorgeous and quite drool-worthy.

  3. Very cool of you to babysit the lost pup.

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