Kateless Plying and New Chocolate

Days spent running errands always seem like such a waste. Necessary, but still a waste. Some of today’s agenda included picking up pool supplies. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 90’s and lower 100’s this week. Without a fully functioning filter and blistering amounts of chemicals the water blooms algae faster than spit sizzles on a griddle. I want to be able to send the girls outside to cool off.

A trip to the bank, returning rental movies, buying groceries and dropping off donations at the Goodwill Store… or at least trying to, rounded out the morning tasks. A3 started crying because she wanted to keep everything she saw being unloaded. Note to self, put everything in opaque bags and lie my arse off about what’s in them next time I’m trying to get rid of junk we don’t need… better yet, go without the girls altogether. This afternoon I have another doctor’s appointment.

I tried plying the singles that I spun from the roving Cindy gave me. The spindle… she’s not working so well for this. I really want a Lazy Kate. My Louet S-15 has a “built-in” Lazy Kate, but it holds the spindles at such an odd angle to the left of the foot pedal and so close to the wheel that plying from it is a nightmare. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something that will work. In the meantime I’m going to cease and desist with the spindle plying.


I discovered these adorable little tins of dark chocolate near the check out stand at Trader Joe’s. Not only do they travel neatly in a purse or knitting bag, but they are very rich and one little wedge goes a long way at satisfying chocolate cravings. Each piece has 35 calories (23 from fat).  Each tin has 16 pieces and they cost $3.29 per package.  It’s a cheap fix.



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4 responses to “Kateless Plying and New Chocolate

  1. oooo, I love a cheap fix!

    Make a lazy kate? How about putting the bobbins on pencils and hanging them horizontally across bowls, coffee cans, shoe boxes? Oh yeah! You could probably run 2 or even three in a shoebox. Stick the pencil through the sides and fill the bottom with gravel to hold it steady.

  2. The chocolate tin is adorable!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Your singles are beautiful. I hate errand days, but don’t know how to avoid them. I vote for opaque bags. A meltdown every time you go to Goodwill could destroy any good will you might have;-D

  4. I buy those chocolates every week, without fail. They are fabulous!

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