WTF Wednesday Medical

WTF Priorities: Few people would disagree that the media’s priorities of what “news” to cover are questionable, but come on… is reporting on the cut of the President’s jeans  really important?  Shouldn’t we be hearing more about proposed Health Care plans?  Details, such as possible life-time coverage caps, penalties for not having coverage, etc. concern me more than  Obama’s fashion choices.   Other issues, such as the creation of  national registry for people with certain chronic diseases, have also been brought before congress, but we seldom hear anything about “trivial” happenings such as these.  This list is billed as a tool to help people with these conditions, but I’ve yet to read about any tangible benefits. Generic promises of “tracking illnesses to help those effected” do not console me, nor do they convince me that signing up is a good idea. What if the powers that be decide that those with expensive diseases are expendable? On a side note, one of the senators proposing this registry was a key proponent in passing, Dru’s Law. Dru’s Law was passed in 2006 and its purpose was to create a national sex offender registry. Does this mean that people with chronic diseases should be viewed in the same light as and tracked like criminals?



WTF Hungry: Hungry, hungry, hungry!  I’ve been experiencing tummy troubles this past month.  I’ve been poked, proded, had stuff taken out of me, stuff put into me, but to no avail. The doctor is still perplexed as to a cause and he’s passing me on to a specialist.  In the meantime I’m not allowed to eat for three days in an attempt to let my stomach and intestines “calm down.” At the end of three days then I can slowly start the BRAT diet. For those of you without children, the BRAT diet consists of bananas, rice (white only) applesauce, toast. Mmm, toast!  So far I’ve made it through one day without food, but I’m grumpy as all get out.  Cooking fajitas for everyone else’s dinner was torture, especially the smell of the meat grilling on the bbq. 


Meals for the rest of the family for the next couple of days will consist of cereal and other foods that I don’t have to stand over a stove and cook.

WTF Criminal: I couldn’t stand watching the neighbor’s kitty hobbling around any more. They asked us to feed him this week while they’re on vacation so I took it upon myself to trim some of the mats from around his neck. He can turn his head now.   Does this make me a vandal? My husband is very unhappy with me.


I may try cutting some of the mats from around his legs so they don’t pull when he walks.  He really needs sedation and a professional shave.

WTF Clever: A young man in Britian wanted to help his arthritic grandmother with her knitting so he invented a knitting aid for her.  The music is obnoxious, but the device is quite clever.  What a thoughtful grandson!

WTF Sven: Besides being an avid knitter Sven also studies medicine on the side. He’s coming by later for a visit.




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9 responses to “WTF Wednesday Medical

  1. WELL!!! I have heard rumblings of euthinasia for willing participants…. 1930′ Germany was VERY close to this.. it started with the infirm ya know…

  2. A chronic illness register. What an absolutely brilliant idea. I do believe the Nazis would have loved it. So much easier to get to the ones you need to kill. It seems Congress is selling us out completely now. I just thought it was most of the time. That video was fascinating. What a great inventor. And, a terrific grandson. You are not wrong to take care of the cat, and give Sven my love.

  3. You know the thing with the Prez’s jeans has been bothering me too. It’s like who gives a f&%$ what he has on, if he does the job (which I have not seen proof of). He keeps spending money, but how are we going to pay for it? I saw yesterday where they want to raise taxes on people who earn more than $250K (not a problem for me as I don’t make near that much) but those people normally have so many writeoffs that it does not matter. What then??

    I hope your tummy feels better soon.

  4. A three day fast? Arrrgh! hope you’re drinking LOTS of liquids. Can you have broth? Jello? Juice? Broth and jello can fool your stomach into thinking you’ve eaten – for a little whiile, at least. I’ll keep you in my prayers for the next few days.

    David Hill is a clever young man!

  5. I think you did the right thing by cutting the kitty’s hair and I am sure the cat appreciates it! Good luck on not eating for 3 days!

  6. I’m sure Stephen Hawking is just dying to become an American after reading the latest on the health care debate in this country.

  7. nancy

    you have to cut the kitty’s furmats; it’s the only responsible thing to do. Mats so tight they pull the skin hurt, and the resulting hair-pulling can lead to open sores. Use the finest scissors you can find and cut SLOWLY, picking up the hairs with the blade, so you don’t inadvertenly cut into the skin. If the cat enjoys begin rubbed, find yourself a helper to do that, then the cat will relax some for the session. You are only helping the cat, and if your neighbors ask/complain, offer to tie their hair up in knots and see how they like it.

  8. You have done the most kind and loving thing to your neighbor-kitty. I’m sure he’ll love you even more…especially with tuna! Hugs, K

  9. Gina C

    So glad you cut those mats off the kitten! They form where the cats can’t clean or take care of them on their own. Maybe the owners don’t realize the discomfort it causes the animals; I know I didn’t because I’d never had a cat that developed them before…until my present cat. She had one on the lower part of her back where she couldn’t reach and it drove her crazy. The internet provided lots of helpful info including one method: to gently slide a comb as much as you can, under the mat, then cut down into the mat to start getting it separated – and the comb will prevent cutting or prodding her skin; and finally snipping the pieces of the mat right off. I know my cat was very appreciative!

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