Things I Love Today

Free form knitting a shawl with yarn that I love.


The bajillion sand dollars that A3 collected at the beach.


A2 and A3 choosing to read instead of watch t.v., movies or playing computer games.


Parking my vehicle IN THE GARAGE!


The tomatoes are growing plump and starting to ripen.


Freecycle spaghetti squash and plums. The smell of plums cooking for jam.


A3 loving her new wheel so much that she couldn’t wait to get out of the bathtub last night to spin.


And spin.


And spin some more.


The neighbor kitty was so happy to see me coming over that he purred and drooled before I even made it down his driveway.

A1 is having a wonderful time with my parents working up on the farm.

Overcast skies and cool weather so I can transplant a clematis from the front yard to the back yard next to the deck.

Finding old friends on Facebook.

What do you love about today?



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5 responses to “Things I Love Today

  1. I love that you are my friend.
    I love that you are supportive and funny and creative and fun and energetic and sensible.
    I hate that we’re so far away from each other.
    See you soon! K

  2. Gillian

    I love that you had the courage to trim nextdoor kitty’s fur so that it is more comfortable.
    There’s lots more but that will do for now
    Cheers Gillian

  3. I love to see kids sitting and reading instead of tv and video games etc. Today has barely started for me but yesterday I loved seeing my boss get yelled at for being a lazy bum lol. It’s about time, sorry. I also loved finding an old digital photography book I couldn’t find after moving. And… I loved being able to hit the sack early knowing I could get my locs done the next day (today) after work. I just got them started a month ago and the first few months are really messy until they loc, so I’ve been waiting for this for a good two weeks now! love your blog =o)

  4. I was loving that the sun peeked through the overcast skies but apparently the sun is feeling shy today because it isn’t out anymore…

    Happy Weekend!

  5. It’s 6:14 AM on Friday. I love that the day is full of wonderful surprises, just waiting for me to find. I love “Girl Genius” comics on line. I love your blog. I love the way the neighbor kitty loves you. (I got our old cat belly-shaved and he is SO much more comfy. Why does your hubby object to you clipping a few mats on the neighbor’s cat? Do not get bit, though. If kitty growls, back off. Cat bites are SO toxic and you don’t need blood poisoning to go with everything else on your medical chart.)

    I love your girls!

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