Weekend Contest Links

What better way to kick off a weekend than to enter some contests and visit new blogs! Here are a few links I stumbled across. Hope you all enjoy the next couple of days.

The author of Living and Knitting on a Maine Island is having a contest where she’s giving away an awesome prize package (yarn for knitters, a gift certificate for non-knitters). I love the picture at the top of her blog!

The Start of Something New is celebrating her birthday ( a little late, she’s a busy gal) by giving away sock yarn and stitch markers. Over here.

Ravelry Members can knit a dog sweater (deadline is September 30) for a chance to win  a Namaste bag through from the Namaste Lover’s Group.  Love those bags, but don’t own one myself.

Sarah is giving away a screen printing kit and a huge tub of crochet cotton over at her site. While you’re there check out the fabulous laptop cover she made!

Selena Starfire, Hogwart’s Knitter is attempting to pack up all of her yarn for a move. If you can guess how many skeins she uncovers you can win a prize.



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2 responses to “Weekend Contest Links

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I did two of the contests. I don’t need a tub of crochet cotton, but it would be cool if I did. And, I am so not gonna knit a dog sweater. Might as well knit an extra large man’s sweater if I’m gonna knit a sweater for Grover;-D Have a good weekend, kiddo!!

  2. What a generous woman you are! The more people that enter these contests, the smaller your chances of winning. But you just want to share the goodness!

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