Fried & A Stingy Visitor

Yesterday the temperature peaked at 103 F.! Even with air conditioning the house felt muggy and uncomfortable. I managed to get another coating of sealant on the back deck, but it definitely needs some touch ups and the railings need to be covered too so I’ll need to pick up another gallon.

The one outing we took was to take A3 to an eye exam. She needs glasses. Her prescription is very mild though, especially compared to that of A2. Poor little A2 is at 550/20 and 450/20. Anyway, glasses plus kids is not a fun combination. Active kids plus glasses equals disasters and money, even with the guarantees and added replacement insurance.

Half-hearted attempts at knitting centered around some neutral-colored projects. Somehow they just seemed “cooler” than knitting something with lots of color.
Several more rows on the shawl confirmed what I’d been denying. I will not have enough yarn to complete this. In the afternoon Sven stopped by with his good friend D.J., who also knits. Believe it or not, he just happened to have some of the exact Louet Gems Opal that I need! Unfortunately, D.J. is stingy and refused to share. Sven seemed very embarrassed as most knitters are extremely generous. I could have probably wrestled the yarn away from this wimp, but I didn’t want to make him feel insecure.
That’s okay, I don’t mind making a trip out to get more today. The van is air conditioned.

Only 9 more days until Sock Summit! I’m very excited even though I only made it into one of the one hour classes and the luminary panel.

Today’s temperatures are supposed to be back up in the triple digits again. Hope everyone stays cool.



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3 responses to “Fried & A Stingy Visitor

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Sven and DJ? Nobody that good looking ever stops by my house. I’m so happy you get to go to the Sock Summit. I cannot wait to hear all about it! And, I completely understand about the bad eyes. I’ve worn glasses (only need them desperately for distances) since I was 10. I suffer from BAAT syndrome (blind as a bat)

  2. That’s a heap load of Fahrenheits!

  3. Babe, you get some HOT visitors! Did you suggest he take his shirt off and get comfortable? Brilliant special effects!

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